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You managed to make such a masterpiece with the Spinosaurus that has good looks before the new, but more scientifically accurate discov...

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Lucifer Morningstar Tribe Classes
This is an inspiration from Middle Earth Shadow of war and part of the time years after Kongma Bobo defeated Pandemonion and Akatos in Egypt. Lucifer traveled from the planet Yautja via portal, melding and merging with the Earth's technology. Given the opportunity to 'reshape' the earth in his image, he launched a nuclear firestorm across the world, destroying the United States and all other countries in the entire world, especially ones he found out that failed to further his unholy objective including North Korea, China, the collapsing Venezuela, Iran, Somalia, and The European Union, reducing it into a wasteland of inevitable extinction, but all life and civilization of Earth continued on a newly formed duplicate of the Earth in another universe that Kwalazulu constructed with the help of God. The new world, as Kongma Bobo calls, the New Earth is similar to the world we live in today, but it is unscathed unlike the "Old Earth" which was a post-nuclear wasteland until Lucifer, inheriting Akatos' powers of nature passed from Pandemonion after his defeat in August, 2015, brought his own creation into his planet within his dark dimension. There, he created 13 tribal classes of mutants, "chimeroids", cyborgs, androids, aliens, and demons that bear allegiance to their respective leaders, a result of his dimensional conquest beyond the Old Earth. The tribes' main goal is to work together and steal the vital energy from the enormous tree in the center of Kwalazulu's boundless world named Zoestra, giving Lucifer, Belhora and El Tara Muerte endless power over all other gods, enabling him a chance to use his power to obliterate God himself, giving himself, his queen and one of the most accomplished, faithful, and favorable female angels, Belhora, his brother, El Tara Muerte the thrones above the stars of God, on top of his mobile tower of Babel that can travel from his capital city of Morningstar on the Old Earth's former United States capital of Washington D.C., on the country of Barbasia.

Baalrusian Mysticos Arcaneum- A tribe of mystics who have an expertise in spells and hexes including magic strong enough to create elemental beasts including golems. The master of the tribe is named High Shaman Baalrus.

Charoxi Libritors Marine Corps- A tribe in the mixture of old western and marine corps military attire that specializes in marksmanship and vehicular prowess, owning all weapons and vehicles that are adapted for space, air, land, and sea. They even have the most nuclear powered vehicles of any tribe. The master of the tribe is Commandant Charox.

Kalcodi Fectumeers Forge- A tribe that is responsible for the military vehicles, machines, star ships, air vehicles, harvesters, tractors, construction vehicles, mining vehicles, aquatic vehicles, weapons, and dimensional portals that Lucifer and his allies utilize to invade and destroy the New Earth and Kwalazulu's boundless world known as Zoestra. The master of the tribe is Director Kalcodeus.

Beelzeri Macellos Kitchen- A tribe that is known for their endless blood lust, barbarism, notorious cannibalism and gory cuisines. In combat, they use cleavers, knives, swords, and other kitchen utensil style weaponry to their advantage for their hunts for the most valuable and nutritious of primitive and sapient lifeforms alike. The master of the tribe is named Chef Master Beelzerus.

Ranapythian Curetos Stables- A tribe of beast masters and tamers who ride on the most powerful beasts of Lucifer's creation including behemoths, trolls, dragons, wyverns, leviathans, wyrms, manticores, ogres, mammoths, etc. Whenever they invade a planet, they use their genetically created monsters and the animals of the Old Earth that were resurrected and enthralled in Lucifer's control to destroy and replace entire ecosystems in the process. The master of the tribe is Chief Ranapythus.

Mammoni Praedors Navy- A tribe of mutant and demon pirates who pillage for the richest of treasures and bounties. Their ships are equipped with thrusters, harpoon guns, laser cannons, and rocket launchers. The master of the tribe is Admiral Mammonis.

Belphremothan Demolitors Army- A malicious tribe of maniacal mutants and demons with a penchant for forging, driving and repairing scrapped, pre-apocalyptic vehicles, armored cars, cranes, motorcycles, spiked cars, fortified semi-trailer trucks, excavators, bulldozers, and war machines from past wars including landships and tanks. The master of the tribe is General Belphremoth of the Army.

Stygomerihemi Gubernators Air Force- A tribe of demons and mutants, taking to the skies and stars with their world ships, saucers, space cruisers, zeppelins, warplanes, jets, helicopters, gyrocopters, and gunships. The master of the tribe is General Stygomerihem of the Air Force.

Abadoviathani Portentors Freakshow- A tribe that turns out to be a grotesque and nightmarish class in Lucifer's dimension. Most of the mutants of the tribe are hideously deformed, heavily mutated, and oddly shaped mutants and their vehicles are ones designed after roller coasters, ferris wheels, carousels, and other amusement park rides. Their main bases are gigantic saucers with circus tents on top of them. The master of the tribe who also pilots the largest of the circus saucers is Ringmistress Abadoviathan.

Sathamolochian Armigors Coliseum- They are a tribe best known for the competitions for the most formidable warriors, guards, and swordsmen of Lucifer's military and their mastery of forging melee weapons. Another duty they have is to train mutants and others to be the best trained warriors. The master of the tribe is Warlord Sathamoloch.

Asphomet Pallidors Mortuary- An eerie tribe of necromancers that have powers that the mysticos themselves are free of having in their possession, including resurrection and necromancy. The master of the tribe was formerly named Asphodus the phantom who was resurrected by Lucifer and is now Mortician Asphomet.

Panderothian Servators Guild- They are a mighty tribe known for their assassins, druids, monks, executioners, and elite demons known as shifters. The master of the tribe is the patriarch, Panderoth of the Shadows.

Dynamusian Earth Beasts- A tribe of prehistoric monsters birthed from Lucifer's fallen angels and other non-mammalian lifeforms known as Earth Beasts, reformed in late 2018 by their patron deity of the dinosaurs, King Dynamus after his 66 million years absence.

Luciferian Quaesitors Laboratory- The greatest tribe out of all the others, it was founded by the father of Pandemonion and the rest of the other 12 demons, Lucifer by merging himself with the Earth's technology, having Asphomet resurrecting his corpse, enlisting Pandemonion as the highest ranking general of his tribe. The tribe itself specializes in weapons technology, robotics, cloning, genetic engineering, and hyperspace modules and dimensional travels.


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This is Gregory Wayne Breeding II and welcome to my deviantart.

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Inspiring quotes:

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin.

"If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win numerous (literally, "a hundred") battles without jeopardy." - Sun Tzu

" Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." -Martin Luther King

"The Lord looks after fools, drunks, and the United States." - Otto von Bismarck



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