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Meet the Soldier

If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!

Meet the other classes:
Meet the Pyro by ProspassMeet the Medic by ProspassMeet the Spy by ProspassMeet the Sniper by ProspassMeet the Demo by ProspassMeet the Scout by Prospass

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napalmzonde's avatar
Great work, this is a very creative design!
Valve should make an all female characters for tf2
gonzalo25's avatar
Keep up the great work dude!
Love it ;3
These are all incredible, but I think I like your Soldier the most. Fantastic!
KinglyFaults's avatar… your art has been stolen :00000 Here is le link
Prospass's avatar
Account deactivated ^^
Thanks for the heads up!
sirenite's avatar
I love it! May I use this design for when I cosplay fem Soldier next year? (Also fem Engineer since I'll likely do that someday)

I'll credit you of course!
Prospass's avatar
Of course, no problem!! :D
sirenite's avatar
FarraigeFuar's avatar
Amazing work!, unfortunately I have to say you than, stole this drawing
Prospass's avatar
Ho welp, account deactivated : D
Thanks for the heads up!
FarraigeFuar's avatar
HescalledVava's avatar
And then he beat the crap out of . . . I don't know the entire phrase.
svesamikreteni's avatar
Where are my breasts you ask? I'll show you breasts, MAGGOT! Sorry, I just need to have a stupid joke in all of my comments. But really, she's greatand  also is my fave of the whole group.
pencru's avatar
I'm sorry for drooling. This is awesome!
Prospass's avatar
RainbowStr8ghtJacket's avatar
Nice feminization...but as a soldier I would except her to keep her hair back tight and neat, like a braid or bun

this is very well done and i love it
Prospass's avatar
Yeah, that was just a "sassy soldier" thing , but I agree :D
Jesscookie's avatar
Badass, practical, nicely designed, and unsexualized while still retaining some of that feminity. Man, these are too good.
Prospass's avatar
Thank you very much :)
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