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I remember I watched Pokemon when I was young, then Digimon came out and surpassed it in every single aspect. I'm lucky to live in Latin America, where we got the original version of the series, instead the butchered USA version.

Music: [link]

Too bad that the following seasons coulldn't be better than the first one.
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Awesome art.
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Shiri16Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Taichi 😚
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totomeyHobbyist Digital Artist
oh my memories
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Looking forward to season five like me?  ;3  Check out the rebirth celebration by the singers/artists from the original japanese series.  performing their music live and such.  <3
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mariofan11Student Digital Artist
its so beutifull,ah the memories,i renember the forst time agumon digivolved to greymon
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superSAKURA64Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can only stand the English dub if its the movie, its so nostalgic. I've gotten to watch the original and yes its so much more amazing and emotional. This is better then Pokémon any day. The only thing good about that show is they have Charmeleons. The best thing about Digimon is everything.
The pictures really good too, it's so nostalgic looking at it. I was never a fan of the two but they look damn good in this.
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This brings me back memories.
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NekoHime07Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing Owo I LOVE how you drew Greymon and Taichi :D
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Have to disagree about Season 5, I love it. The new lines, including the new Agumon & Gaomon lines, were epic. DNA Charge symbolized the connection between the Tamer & Digimon, without it they couldn't trigger digivolution. Goggles aren't necessary & honestly are a little overrated. Marcus is still arguably the most bada** Digimon protagonist, even without goggles. I'm not sure what you mean by "entirely new name". It's not that hard to rewatch. Again, I love it.
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Rest easy mate!
New Digimon Movie is upon us!
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dude this is great. digimon hasn't looked better.
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KatOSnackHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy shit Greymon looks AWESOME! <33
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ascramHobbyist Artist
oh it makes me remember when I used to be watching digimon
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I love this man.... Bring back memories... keep up the good work.
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