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For anyone new to me (kiwi-damnation) or ProjectDFC, I am all about creating challenges that inspire and educate writers while allowing a community atmosphere for us to all thrive. I want to create an environment where we all evolve and feel somewhat befuddled because it is only in mild discomfort that we grow as people and as artists.

ProjectDFC was founded to reinvigorate the world of fixed form poetry and allow more poets to expand their minds and abilities to encompass meter, refrains, syllabic count and many other restrictive poetic devices that do not exist in free verse poetry. It was built to restore a connection to our global written history and to rebuild our love of the written word.

From this, Prose-ject is born with a very similar image and objective, only in prose. Prose-ject is about stimulating new ways of thinking and opportunities for new experiences as a prose writer. We can often get stuck in our own voice and fail to renew and revitalise our work with new pathways and ideas. Writer's block is a common result of this as writing the same things doesn't really allow creativity to flow. It is in variety that we flourish and blossom as writers.

So with all of this, I present Prose-ject, a new place for inspiration and art creation. This is not a submission plot for whatever you are feeling at the time. This is a place where we challenge you and you rise to meet this. We only accept submissions for our particular challenges and anything inappropriate (anything that harasses another deviant) will not be accepted.

A few things need to be decided on but here is what we have so far:

January: Character Creation Month
February: Flash Lit February
March: Meet Your Maker
April: Avoid the Adverb April
May: Mission Mimicry

June: Prose-ject 2016

July: Little Prose (1000 words)

Prose-ject S.T.O.R.M
August: 15k H.A.I.L
September: 25k F.I.R.E
October: 35k S.A.N.D

November: NaNoWriMo 50k

December: :new: Fan Fiction Freakout

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Group Info

A group for prose writers of various skill levels to push themselves harder and expand their thinking.
Founded 3 Years ago
Jan 19, 2016


Group Focus
Art Creation

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79 Members
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Dear Members of My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink , Understood-Accepted , ProjectDFC and Prose-ject ,

I regret to inform you all that our beloved founder/cofounder/affiliate/friend/inspiration MagicalJoey has tragically left us. Her mother posted a Facebook post on the 7th of September, announcing that our beautiful Jo passed away during the night and will no longer grace us with her awesome.

I only found out about this a few hours ago and I am still reeling from shock. I want you to know that there will be some sort of memoriam event on here, once I and others have gathered ourselves and made arrangements.

As many will know, Joey suffered from a lot of internal anguish, and though I don't know how she's come to pass over, I do know that her beautiful soul can at least find some peace. Please join me in honouring our friend and colleague, Jo, by reading her work and talking about her life. She was very special to many of us, and touched hundreds of lives. 

I will miss you so much my friend. You were a light and we are dimmer for having lost you.

:heart: Sammy

I'm a Writer
I'm a Writer
I'm a writer who wraps words around her hands,
Transcribing them onto pieces of paper paler
Than the skin holding the words.
I catch words in my fishing nets,
And they slither and slide slimy and skittish.
Each one is gently grabbed and washed
Until they are slithery skittish words waiting to be devoured;
No more slime or grime, it's time to write.
Each word is taken from its tank
And placed upon the page with careful thought.
Sometimes they are rearranged,
Short words become hidden behind long eels
And so sentences need restructuring.
Some words aren't used and are thrown back.
Maybe next time they are caught they will be needed.
I'm a writer who wraps slimy, slithering, skittish words
Around the pieces of paper where they belong;
Creating poems and stories where there were none,
And loving every minute of it, even if the smell of the words
Sometimes brings tears cascading from my eyes
To stain my shirt.
I locked up my heart in a cage of safekeeping,
Because all it was doing was wailing and weeping.
It hurt all the time because of people like you,
But I thought you were different, I thought you were true.
I gave you the key that unlocked the cage
Where my heart lay broken and withered with age.
Gently you removed it, and love was born,
Then you put it back because it was battered and torn.
Now I'm scared to trust anyone else,
Scared to remove my heart from the shelf.
It hangs in its cage like keys on a chain,
Waiting for someone to hold it again.
     The Silent Cry
The Silent Cry
Sometimes, although no words are uttered,
If you listen, really listen,
You can hear someone's heart crying out for help.
It's hurting, they're hurting, even though they won't say a word.
They won't admit the feelings burning inside like acid reflux,
Or to the emotions drowning them in ammonia.
Only a keen observer can see a crying heart;
Expressions become blanked out – once starry
Eyes are dull and bleak.
Emotions disappear – they feel
Nothing...a few levels below numb.
And all this can happen subconsciously in defence,
Because they could simply be afraid that you would hurt them.
If you can't ask for help and are silently begging for it,
Try not to push away those who can read between the lies
And see behind your eyes into the parts of you where the hurt sits.
They will prop you up if you let them,
Until you are able to walk with confidence again
      Thank You Friends
Thank You Friends
She's tired of being alone;
Of not having that someone
Who loves her despite the scars,
Loves her despite her past,
Loves her beyond the outside, the cover.
She's tired of not getting flowers
From someone who loves her enough
To buy them, even if there is no 'occasion' to celebrate.

She's tired of having no money;
Of always having to beg
Despite her parents' embarrassment.
She wants to be able to buy her dog a bed,
Buy herself groceries,
But her family cannot afford it
And neither can she – unless
She sells cushions
Or someone needs proofreading.

She's tired of having to beg
Her online friends
From other countries,
But she needs to.
Do you know how that hurts her pride?
K.O – her pride lies on the floor,
Probably dead not just knocked to the ground.

She's tired of being the family problem.
But she has a dog depending on her survival
So she will not leave this world
Until it is her time.
She will not listen to th
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Razgriz-3 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016  Student Writer
Howdy! I'm a bit curious about your group - it seems a bit different from other writing-specific groups. Is this more of a "to help folks write" than a "host write here" group?
kiwi-damnation Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016   Writer
Exactly :). We are about creating more writing diversity in this group and allowing people to fully flex their literary muscles as it were. We don't accept blanket general submissions, only submissions to the various challenges we run every month :). Does this interest you?
Razgriz-3 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016  Student Writer
Yes and no - the issue I foresee is that I have a tendency to get fixated on particular projects - in April I'm planning to write 30,000 words of a novella and putting 'em up on Wattpad in an ideally-not-futile attempt to garner more readers; over summer I intend to start-and-finish a novel I've been plotting out for a few months now. I have a bit of a single-track mind, as it stands. 
kiwi-damnation Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016   Writer
That's ok. The challenges are opt-in, so you can choose to do them or to not :)
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MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
It is more for helping writers than just collecting art, yes. Through each month's prompt on different writing elements, and leading up to NaNo in November, we aim to help writers evolve and eventually complete their story.
Razgriz-3 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016  Student Writer
I getcha. Thanks!
copper9lives Featured By Owner Edited Jan 20, 2016  Professional General Artist
Prose-ject by copper9lives  Aaaaaaaand, done! :D Thank you SO MUCH for the commission, honey! Love you! :heart:
kiwi-damnation Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016   Writer
Love you too gorgeous :D
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