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The power of flight

I'm quite happy of the flying ee itself, and the 'motion blur' but I'm not sure about the clouds... I already edited this once, straight after uploading it. :XD:

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Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I'm using your stamp on my homepage :squee:
Thank you for making it :D
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I wish I could fly!
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I wish I knew who to have lucid dreams; Then I can fly anywhere and everywhere!
Spotted-25-Leaf's avatar
to have lucid dreams like that (Ive dreamt of flying away from school on a bike 7 times lol) concentrate really hard of that in the morning and then at night just remember it and sleep :P Works for me!
Lohis8D's avatar
Okay to use? :3
Rubylitche45's avatar
I sometimes imagine myself with wings...And I enjoy every minute of it!
Sushi-Ice-Cream's avatar
Yeah. That would be awesome. And if everyone could do it, our air would be SO clean. lol ^^
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cool! used it on my profile :)
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Oh, we're floating, west and east,
We go floating, free and released
From the hands that gave us flight
Hands too little to hold on tight
Now we float forever, in and out of sight!
-from a song about balloons
Me, too. XD
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Lucid dreams~
The answer to wanting to fly
Novus-Feldspar's avatar
Exactly. :D I always jump on that opportunity.
Peachytheyoungrabbit's avatar
What's the code to use it?
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the thumb :thumb215075198: it work on profil
Peachytheyoungrabbit's avatar
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I want to fly; Like :icontailsplz:!
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