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There's something wrong with the emote itself, it looks bad. :lol:
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moonrainbowxoxo's avatar
I wanted that ever since I was a child. :)
Username-91's avatar
Like I don't have?
BlackHawk1214's avatar
how do u make em?i really want to try:drool:
CookehzAndCream's avatar
Shapeshifting is best power *o* xD
barbakki's avatar
JinxedWitch's avatar
Ahh... so true -u- If I had powers I would shapeshift and get people I dont like into trouble >: )
That or I control multiple elements ^u^
Or both of the above :D
Luyiji's avatar
I wish I had super speed like Sonic but I'm the fastest on my track out of girls.Only one boy is better than me.
Winree's avatar
I want to be about the control water, but so I can make living, moving creatures out of it and give things like ice special features like not being about le melt unless you try to eat it..
hilmeli's avatar
Haha, cute ~ :'D
purpurariuscaligo's avatar
I would want to have invisibility, flying and super speed, so when I would have to go somwhere I could always wait to last minute and then go there in notime without anybody noticing I have superpowers =D
Demonic-Revelations's avatar
I would want to have complete control over dark energy.
samsam2000000's avatar
I wish I could stop/start time! stop so i can do my homework and chores, and still have all day!
Red-Rose-12's avatar
sooooo wanna be a shapeshifter! oh also AWSOME stamp!
SumUglyPeople's avatar
The power that I would have it invisabilaty and FLYING
YoSop's avatar
I want the power of
force. That way I can be an example
of a god.
The-Cake-A-Lie's avatar
I want to have control over the elementsss...
violetea's avatar
I wanna be Spider-Woman! :D
lizzyliz1's avatar
there is soooo many stamp's that say what i wish XD
miserabel's avatar
I want to teleport! I could be anywhere and back within seconds. All the things I could do, all the places and people I could visit... :plotting:
umbreon-rules1998's avatar
Kirinora-Hime's avatar
i wanna be a special person who can control water, fire and earth!! xD
ClaireMayTheHedgehog's avatar
personfromdonso's avatar
Oh, how that would be:meow:
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