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Sleepy head

EDIT2: Replaced the old image with a better one...

Hate hate hate :la:

Hope you like it. The only reason I uploaded it is because I like the background :paranoid:

Edit: Thanks for 5000+ faves :)

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I hate waking up too, especially when having a nice dream
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I really like this stamp! But... how do you put it on?
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Let me sleep ~
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Added on favourites... I hate waking up!!
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Definitely. Waking up by an ALARM Clock is THE worst!
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o really? xD <33
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I can't wake up with alarm clocks... They just incorperate themselves into my dream.
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Story of my life! :+faves: On the other hand, every morning, when I force myself to get up early, I win my own little huge battle with my weakness.
I'm a freaking HEROINE! :salute:
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I always turn my alarm off and go back to sleep. XD
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Hahah that's me :)
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Ugh... so do I. I love my dreams a lot, but I gotta get up whether I like it or not.
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this is almost emo XD
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last night i dreamed about a lady jumping out of the window
MY window
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