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Published: June 5, 2010
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Please note that this is not especially for banners on dA or whatever they do on v7(I don't see then because I have a subscription by the way)...

Online adverts include flashing epilepsy inducing banners, stupid talking ones, and also SPAM!!! RAEG RAEG!! :iconfrageplz:

Explosion done thanks to the awesomesauce `bad-blood 's explosion tutorial. Take a look if you're interested!! :eager: [link]

I really hope you like it! It's free for use on dA, please fave if you do! :thumbsup:

Also, do NOT upload anywhere outside dA, or here. :)

P.S: I know about AdBlocker Pro.
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Pikachu1089Hobbyist General Artist
[link] look what I found :iconomgplz:
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Pikachu1089Hobbyist General Artist
ugh I agree I remember I was looking at minecraft videos on youtube and then it says "Choose your AD!" and I x it out but it chooses a 10 minute one "interviewing" (talking) pets! now don't get me wrong I love animals and all but I thought it was annoying. but of course after 5 minutes u got to skip! I was still annoyed at youtube for making me watch an ad. then after the video I saw a comment that said 'I want to see MINECRAFT videos not F***ing ads!" and I clicked :iconlikeplz:
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Pikachu1089Hobbyist General Artist
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Pikachu1089Hobbyist General Artist
dA found my weakness a cat that looks disappointed and it says "this little cat wants to see your art. don't disappoint her!" ten I click and Idk how to do it! damn you dA! oh its reading my mind it just showed one that says "lickable ad space for lickable art." its reading my mind ahhh! :iconomgspitfireplz:
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Pikachu1089Hobbyist General Artist
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Pikachu1089Hobbyist General Artist
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Leafclan-LeaderHobbyist Artist
I hate those >:I fucking ads!!! Including roll over ads, talking ads, ads link to dA profiles, and other ads!
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oXFrostXoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh God this! There's a site I watch dubbed anime on that not only has a talking ad on the homepage, but it spawns a popup every time I open a new page on the site. Amen for adblock!
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NebtVesillaHobbyist Digital Artist

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ShinyZorua120Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was on youtube and I was watching a video, and suddenly I heard some voice that I knew was not coming from the video, and it was really anoying... I figured out that it was an advertisment... OH MY STARCLAN IT IS SO ANOYING.
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I especially hate talking ones,you are just looking around deviantart & suddenly a voice goes "[company name] sells [product] cheaper than anywhere else."
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KittyJewelpet78Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hates ads.
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VampireQueenEffeffiaHobbyist General Artist
You know what I should have done when everyone had Premium Membership? GET RID OF THOSE STUPID ADDS! ADDS, NO ONE LIKES YOU!
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NGinLoverHobbyist Traditional Artist
ads scare me
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Congrats, because without them, no site would have money to stay up and running.
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equestriadHobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh yes!
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RadioactiveCoreHobbyist Artist
I really hate the talking ones and the pop up ones. >w<
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ExtraordinarySeriesHobbyist Digital Artist
You know, RadioactiveCore. The talking/pop-up ads also bother me, because the talking ones make me jump, and pop-up ads come out of nowhere!
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RadioactiveCoreHobbyist Artist
The talking ones makes me want to punch my computer
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AwezumcherrysempaiHobbyist Artist
Like Pimslur Approach ads. THOSE I hate!
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sonikkuruzuHobbyist Writer
I love this stamp! :love:

I was once listening to some music on the computer and I had to pause it because a noisy advert had started up in the tab which I was reading manga in
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star-electricHobbyist General Artist
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It's a necessary evil

Which doesn't make it less annoying :doh:
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Atom-Smasher-ErrorsHobbyist Photographer
That's why I have AdBlock for Chrome.
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