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No thnx 4 v fave plz

:iconfrageplz: Yes, it's annoying. :iconfrageplz:

I really hope you like it! The stamp is free for you to use on dA on your mainpage/in journals etc. Please fave if you do! :thumbsup:

Also, please do NOT upload anywhere, be it on dA, or elsewhere.

Comission from :iconi-drew-a-pokemon: I hope it was what he wanted! :giggle:
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I dunno about this.
It's just polite!
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I know that's so annoying, I put the "tnx 4 the fave" shit on my profile. And I instead of thanking them sometimes comment on one of their drawings instead.
Crazy-ArKadia's avatar
oh yes! crap yes!
i HATE when ppl says that. My holly profile is full of that.
Is so...Y_Y
and i've alredy said to DO NOT THANK ME FOR THE FAVES and they totally ignore that!!
so i do not answer that comments uleast i have nothing else to do Y_Y
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yeah, that's what i think.
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If I fave this, will you thank me?
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So.. some person gets 50 faves and wastes their time thanking all of them.
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Some people consider it rude if you don't respond to someone who says 'Thanks for the fave!!' but I've been getting a few of them lately and I get tired responding to the same thing over and over again =.= I feel bad saying 'Please don't thank me for the fave' but sometimes, I just can't answer to every single one.
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About 75% of my profile comments are "Thanks for the fave" comments. It's annoying me!
Cryingpelt's avatar
The same over here... it gets a bit annoying so I stopped replying and started to use stamps on my profile... (I know it sounds rude but it's so true >.<")
Sweet-Italian's avatar
Same! I hate it so much! >:^
Pencil-of-Power's avatar
I really hate it when people do that!
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I completely agree... I sometimes comment on one of their art instead of thanking them for faving my work XD
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It is annoying for god's sake...
TopHat-Trexxxy's avatar
I like the blood at the end XD
TatterTotMinion's avatar
whoot! Definatly true! :D
Ann-MarieLoponen's avatar
Used this in my profile, thank you! :heart:
UmbreoNoctie's avatar
I never thanks for the fav, I did it before.
No I stoped, I thanks only for watch, because for me, +watch really need to be "thanked". :)
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Yeah :33

And when I have enough watches piled up sometimes I don't even thank for those |D
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every time someone goes thanks for the fave on my page i scream out load in anger, also check out my page comments you will get to see how annoying it is FOR ME!
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Isn't annoying,its SUPER annoying,it makes me wanna kill the people who always say "Thank you for the fav"
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