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Night owl


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I stay up all night.
Wolfp3lt's avatar
Once I pulled an all nighter finishing a book because IT WAS JUST SO AWESOME!
KaixShadow's avatar
I stay up til the sun rises then i sleep
whitetigerclaws's avatar
I love staying up realllyyy late
jayfeather229's avatar
I stay up till morning 5 days out of the week. This is so true.
Rubylitche45's avatar
Crystal-Surperior's avatar
Just a few more hours til' sunrise :D
Crystal-Surperior's avatar
I do too :)
Afternoon: Kinda tired!
Night: Yawnn...
CandyHeartSweetness's avatar
I'm a night person so I do this anyway ^_^
MattT1996's avatar
Yep! That's me alright, stayin' up until 5:00 AM is great! :iconhomerwoohooplz:
Shamwow78's avatar
1:10 AM right now WOOT!
jessi07's avatar
Cold-Pizza-Claus's avatar
Who wants to SLEEP when you can post on your blog before anybody else? NOT ME :D
elitepegasister's avatar
I never sleep HEHEHEHHEHEHEHHEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HeiMantaHei's avatar
Just a couple of hours till sunrise...
PepperMonkey564's avatar
Who wants to sleep when you can par-tay?
QuietEvenings's avatar
That is so cuuuute. <3
howlingnights's avatar
I think the moon is pretty once its 12-4 a.m.
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4DAMANT's avatar
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