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More time...

I couldn't find any other colour that goes well in there, so the emotes are yellow too :paranoid:


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looking at this makes me feel irritated for some reason.. :/

but still lol its a kewl stamp! :3
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This happens to me when I need to sleep
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:icondragonnod2: This is what happens to me ALL the Goddamn time. I always remember to do things when it is too late! :iconlll-plz:
Anyway, perhaps this will help me to remember about doing things... in time! :iconepiclaplz:
Starlightthewolfgirl's avatar
The night has more time right now due to daylight savings time.
Mista-Strange's avatar
That is my reaction X3
x-ShinigamiSama-x's avatar
I used to not really get the thing about people not having enough time. But once I entered middle school I finally learned >.>
LittleGreenGamer's avatar
If "Father Time" were an actual person, I'd strangle the son of a bitch until his heart stops beating (and even that's not being harsh enough) Seems that the majority of good that comes from life has to be waited on - and I'm certainly not getting any younger.

Ranting aside, this stamp alone is better than life itself. :)
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you have really cool ideas for stamps! :D nice
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star-electric's avatar
Yeah especially when I'm "working".
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so true
i wont more time too
Ask-AlphonseElric's avatar
Isn't that the truth....
WatermelonSPLASH234's avatar
Yep, only if I had that where I leave it mostly rains and the time pasts soooooo past! STUPID TIME! :grump:
theredon03's avatar
I want 48 hours - One day .
ritsukachoo's avatar
So true, so true!
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