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Meat lover

Eating meat is natural.
Vegans and vegetarians can GTFO,meat is awesome.
Humans have always been eating meat and it's fucking tasty.
Vegan/vegetarian farts smell a hundred times worse. Think of what's actually going on inside.


Yummy stock used: [link]

:bulletred:EDIT After receiving many comments here, I have come to this conclusion:

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omg my teach told us eat mostly plants but in my head i thought that would never fucking happen
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Now I'm hungry :C
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I like meat. But that doesn't mean to say I don't like animals ;D
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Some people have to go vegan because of health problems, so don't be mean to them. We all have opinions, so don't go around saying how dumb people are because their opinion is different than yours.
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Actually eating too many of a spacific meat (Cow meat,pig meat,ect [dont worry about chicken]) Can be bad for you.

But i admit it-I LIKE MEAT
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I love eating meat, too!!


I can't help be tickled by the stamp.
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While eating meat is natural with the canines and all, some people have to have vegetarian diets due to diet needs or certain lifestyles. From what I've seen in some of your other stamps, you're either a troll or a very narrow-minded person. There's no point getting into an argument with you, so I'll just end here. You're just one person on a vast website anyway.
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This kind of makes me think of a funny story of my childhood |D

My grandma used to own a decent sized farm, and she would get cattle once in a while to raise then get butchered. I was really young, five at most, and she had this one named T-Bone. We all pretty much knew his fate, but I grew a little attached to the fella. One day, I went to my grandma's house, and T-Bone wasn't in his pen. I looked all around, and eventually went to my grandma, asking where he was. She promptly responded "He's in the freezer! :-D" to which I answered "Awww, but I liked him! :c" She answered back "You'll like him tonight! We're having steak!" Right there, I made a vow to never eat steak, and possibly all other meats (I can't remember that well), ever again.

I broke that vow by dinner. |D
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I couldn't make that whole story up if I wanted to. XD
My grandma also had geese named "Christmas" and "Thanksgiving" Those where the days we were meant to eat them.
I don't recommend goose, though. They're mostly fat, and what meat isn't fat is very stringy and unappealing. Plus, they're extremely cranky birds... Almost as bad as swans. Almost...
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I love both. :3
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I tried to be a vegetarian once.... then I learned bacon was a meat :iconfaceplantplz:
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damn right i love meat i love veggies but i love my meat cause most food i like is filled beef or pork sorry veggie lover meat is good for me.
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I am offended in the description
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I could never be a vegetarian, I know I would die...
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I also like sushi! :sushi:
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Go ahead, vegans, carry on. More meat for the omnivores! :evillaugh:
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I like the stamp and agree with it but the descriptions sounds extremely offensive.
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If God had intended for man not to eat meat, He wouldn't have made it taste so good 8-)
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You have a point here sir xD
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I don't eat veggies they make me gag and then i barf
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