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I wish I could...

Stamp collab with =IceXDragon for the deviantART Related Collaboration Contest

:eager: Feel free to use(copy/paste the thumbcode on your page). Please favourite this(as well as the one in =IceXDragon's gallery if you do!!

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i d sleep through the day and am up through the night!
Tall-Dwarf22's avatar
My record of sleep is 33 hours straight. I now freaking love this badge!
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RainyRevalia's avatar
On the weekends, im very lazy so I just lay in bed all day while im exploring the wonderful world of the internet. :3
HeyArnoldfan7734's avatar
I'd prefer to sleep only at day at certain times, others I like to sleep with a normal pattern, yet other periods I want to stay up all the time, others I want to sleep all the time. Life is impossible. :lmao:
ChibiDashie's avatar
I wish I could, the damn sun wakes me up, and worst of all, I have NOTHING that blocks the sun out.
KawaiiSphynx's avatar
Brightfern's avatar
I wish I could too.

99.9% of the time, I can't sleep past 8:00
carolijn10's avatar
awesome stamp, i'm using it in my deviant id
FlyingPrincess's avatar
Been there, done that.
rashdino98's avatar
People who work at night in 24hr places like Walmart do that!
peetahernandez2000's avatar
luellasweets's avatar
Its so true...guilty pleasures
Avalanche1337's avatar
Only if I want tomorrow to come faster
ruuiisu's avatar
Sometimes, I could be so sick that I'm able to sleep through the day. :meow:
lizzyliz1's avatar
my sister sleeps in the day XD i might think she is a owl XD
lizzyliz1's avatar
lizzyliz1's avatar
oh wait owl's awake in the night bad me XD
Darrin-S's avatar
Only in winter :\
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