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I need more sleep

I think this is my favourite emote shading and emote altogether since... a very long time. :la:

Anyway to use it, copy/paste the thumbcode into your journal/custom widget.


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That's me... :/
Crazyanderegirl's avatar is like 2:21AM....
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My Little Pony
Melatonin is magic
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I really need a lot of sleep. X3
Especially since I woke up at 12:something AM yesterday.(Went to sleep at 10:30 ;-; )
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Yeah...that damn 2:00 feeling...
Epic-Shenanigans's avatar
Just asking, where is the thumbcode?
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Story of my life... -_-
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Well, you know what they say, nya! A sleeping child grows well! :D
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My friends are complaining on me, because I`m always yawning....
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XD so true because almost everytime I go to church I keep yawning and yawning,and I hate that because people around me think of me as sort of disrespectful;also at school. NEVER.ENOUGH.SLEEP.
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It doesn't work in comments. :B
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Oh. I thought it would work in comments for Premium Members...
btw, I love your icon.
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Dear dieary, I feel so awake in this "Reality" i wish i could rest but alas something is stopping me and that something is what i have not figured out yet...
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Same here, and I sleep six to seven hours a day!
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