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I laugh at white knights

Names are not required. We all know what white knights are. :iconleleleplz:

Other laughing stamps:

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Wow! The animation is very smooth and accurate on this stamp! I love how the words are rising up from the White Knight, I laugh at White knights. Who doesn't? So anyway, this has good originality and the stamp background is okay because it looks plain instead of being too flashy that someone would have a seizure. The impact seems pretty good too! However I think that the only thing you need to improve on is the animation of the sprite laughing, it just needs to have a bit more detail on the mouth, but thanks for reading! Peace out!
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Look in the mirror faggot.
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Well that's an opinion, and I don't really give a damn about what you think. Obvious troll is obvious.
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No. It's my mouth. You can't control it you stupid immature child. Stop being such a whining butthole and go and be an asshole somewhere else.
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What's wrong with looking out for your friends "white knights?"
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White knights are not simply who protect their friends, but who attempts it by vastly hating/flaming on anyone who dislikes them/says anything bad about them.
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i don't DX

but seeing what he's saying,it just looks like he's defending someone >.<
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White Knight=Someone who looks out for their friends
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Personally, I wouldn't call myself a white knight. I'd actually prefer some kind of title that just refers to looking out for friends, if that requires a title. Vigilante? Bard? Something that doesn't show being immature, self-centered, or fan-whoring?
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im a bit of a white night
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Jeebus it's creepy how I can find stamps that describe my personality...
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i love trolling these kinds of kids
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I don't know what a White Knight is,but I just looked it up.Is this the right definition?

"A gaming term used to describe a male gamer who, in a desperate attempt to get himself laid, will attempt to woo or impress any female gamer he comes across online by being overly defensive of her and giving her special attention, such as playing as a healing class and only healing her."
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*protect trolls or such things
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lol,it's just like someone who protect or such things...
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and i they defend you if they are hurting you? like they tell you curse words and your friends help you?
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yeah...something like that...
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Lol im kinda a white knight myself XD
What can i say i hate Ass-hats
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