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I laugh at trolls

When doll in one too, laugh at trolls. :iconloolfaceplz:

Other laughing stamps:

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The message is clear, the animation is smooth. I agree with other in that the usage of the troll face was clever. The three phrases you chose work well, and having them closer to the troll successfully tells me that it's the troll saying them, as opposed to if you had put them closer to the laugher... on second inspection, that's an illusion, isn't it? The text looks centered,m but the troll takes up more space... well, it works, anyway!

I have one little thing I'm not sure if anyone else pointed out (And frankly, I don't care to check all those comments <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":P" title=":P (Lick)"/>). The diagonal lines in the background appear for what, one frame? And then disappear. They stay constant in the other stamps of yours I saw. I'm guessing that was a mistake? It's a bit distracting, to be honest.
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I laugh at trolls. I'm mean who doesn't? Lol. But anyway here's my critique. I like how you had a person holding a troll-face mask in front of their face. I found that pretty hilarious. I also found the u mad, u jelly, trolololol thing pretty darn hilarious as well. You did a great job! I really like your stamps. Anyway sorry this critique is short but...the more critiques the merrier I guess. I also loved the stamp I Laugh At Fail Trolls, now that was really funny. I'm not sure if you made but I'm guessing you did. That one also was well done. well that's all. Bye <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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I Laugh at Trolls as well. I really think the vision is great. Also but not very original. This does a great impact to what it part of me. And the technique is very great.This stamp is very great. I appreciate that you made this cause I love Laughing at trolls that wanna make me feel like an idiot. I laugh to show i'm not afraid of them and that they can't boss me around, like if they own me, cause they don't. And if they do think they own me, they have another thing coming cause they didn't see SHIt yet.
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you laugh at trolling ?
good, glad you enyouj it good sir.
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My brother is one.Q.O
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I just tell 'em to get back under the bridge. ^^
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Trolling is using actual debate tactics to trap someone into an unwinnable argument, therefore totally wasting your time.
Acting stupid and afterwards saying 'umad' is not trolling. That's being an imbecile.
Laughing at trolls (the fake kind) means that they get what they want, namely attention. You can't "win" against [fake] trolls unless you simply ignore them, a talent very very very few possess.
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I possesses it! :iconnodplz:
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Most of the people who hate trolls are just mad. You see, you don't laugh at trolls, you baaw at trolls.
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When i see a Stupid Troll. 80% I laughed at him 20% i got pissed by his Trolling
Yeah i'm laughing
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u jelly? I have never heard of that before.
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its short for you jealous
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ya its kind off weird...i sometimes use it for joking once XD

it gets annoying when people insult you with it though D:
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lol thanks for the explaination btw.

Have you ever heard of this song? I love it [link]
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ya ive heard it...its a good song :)
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I love trollfaces
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This is me all day every day....
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I laugh at both win trolls and fail trolls. Fail trolls because it's funny to see them try so miserably to make others mad and win trolls because it's.. pretty funny to see the reactions of people. So long as they don't do anything actually emotionally or mentally damaging of course.

Trolls are like pranksters. They can be cruel, awful, and degrading or they can be mildly irritating but shrugged off and laughed at later on. The latter are the entertaining trolls.
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