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So true ._.
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passion00Hobbyist General Artist
I have the feeling like I forgot something right now...
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wolfyee8Hobbyist Artist
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ColorstormxStudent General Artist
That awkward moment where you've been bugging someone for five minutes straight and then, when you've finally gotten their attention, you forget what you were going to say...XD
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betheleafStudent Digital Artist
true dat!
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cleris4everHobbyist Traditional Artist
Did I already comment on this?
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superhorse1999Hobbyist General Artist
SO TRUE. Seriously, sometimes I even go to the toilet, forget what I should be doing there, walk away and come back after a few minutes XD
outlire's avatar
outlireHobbyist General Artist
This is true. I'm always forgetting things, so I'm putting this on my profile.
Sunheart1's avatar
cool!!!.........wait what was i looking at again?
R-O-K-U-S-H-I's avatar
R-O-K-U-S-H-IStudent General Artist
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a-hyueStudent Artist
Could I post this on my profile?
RubberyParts's avatar
RubberyPartsHobbyist General Artist
you realize that's why stamps are made, right? durr
SpiritF0X's avatar
Great! But... why am I here? Where did I click this?
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NyekiiHobbyist Digital Artist
ADD For the win!
Colorstormx's avatar
ColorstormxStudent General Artist
YUS! Addictive Doodling Disorder!!! XD (it was on another stamp...X3)
LenaUchiha8's avatar
LenaUchiha8Hobbyist Artist
B-but... I have AD*H*D!!!!
lippincottart00's avatar
lippincottart00Hobbyist Traditional Artist
that's so...what's the word? ...right!!...True.
GalacticRainbow's avatar
GalacticRainbowStudent Traditional Artist
that so...wait...never mind
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RgRob64Student Artisan Crafter
I forget what i was gonna say about this stamp...
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ramenamberStudent General Artist
So true--why am i here?
LenaUchiha8's avatar
LenaUchiha8Hobbyist Artist
comment copier xDD I thought comment thieves were only on youtube!!
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ramenamberStudent General Artist
Haha XD
LenaUchiha8's avatar
LenaUchiha8Hobbyist Artist
ahahaha xDD
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