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A Note About Submissions...

Just a quick note about submission criteria... The PWC is for actual 3D props, not renders, not drawings, but rather actual prop weaponry and weapon accessories. This can include modded toys, scratch builds and cosplay props.

MEMBERS - Add your artwork!
Join us and add your artwork, just try and put it in the right folder when you do, we can't wait to see what you're doing. Members and Contributors can add more than non members, of course we don't want to be all assy about it, you can still contribute your art even if you're not a member, just not as much as if you are a member or contributor.
Hey, folks. A quick note on submitting your work.

The default selection when you submit is "Featured". This means that when we get most of your entries, they are listed as "featured" because ya'll didn't bother picking a category. Problem is that, most things aren't supposed to be featured. Most things go into one of the other categories.

The way dA is designed, we can't just change the category before accepting; we have to accept it, then go into the featured bar and sort out the (literally) thirty or so different featured entries we get every day. With a slow internet connection, that can take fifteen minutes to a half hour. Every day. That's over three hours a week of just sorting through mislabeled entries.

This, then is a plea: Please choose a category to submit to. A proper category. If we as moderators feel that the piece is exemplary enough to be featured, hey, we'll feature it. We're just gonna move it out of featured anyway if we don't feel it belongs there.

Thanks in advance!
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Nerf Diatron: Halo Covenant Heavy Plasma Pistol by Atropos907 Nerf Diatron: Halo Covenant Heavy Plasma Pistol :iconatropos907:Atropos907 41 16 Movie Gun by adamski1616 Movie Gun :iconadamski1616:adamski1616 52 10 Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter by Kallsu Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter :iconkallsu:Kallsu 104 23 Model LIB-1 The Litterateur by CaelynTek Model LIB-1 The Litterateur :iconcaelyntek:CaelynTek 46 11 Warhammer 40K Laspistol mdf prop gun build by GirlyGamerAU Warhammer 40K Laspistol mdf prop gun build :icongirlygamerau:GirlyGamerAU 38 8 N7 Breather Helmet by fsracer N7 Breather Helmet :iconfsracer:fsracer 10 5 2-1-13 Pr rightt by Matsucorp 2-1-13 Pr rightt :iconmatsucorp:Matsucorp 44 16 DIY Sonic Screwdriver by Hypercats DIY Sonic Screwdriver :iconhypercats:Hypercats 37 11 Gas mask detail by DenBow Gas mask detail :icondenbow:DenBow 298 31 Zibelthiurdos- First Paint Stage by KingMakerCustoms Zibelthiurdos- First Paint Stage :iconkingmakercustoms:KingMakerCustoms 6 4

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Gallery Folders

MN Desert Eagle Blaze Airsoft AEP by Xenorion
Hyperion Issued ARP9 - Airsoft Borderlands by MartinLestrange
Wookiee Beam Lance [Star Wars Inspired] by KingMakerCustoms
The Blood Oath by KingMakerCustoms
Melee - Bladed, Swords, Daggers etc.
4 Edgy 6 You! by Mazie-Grace-Knife
Paleontological Ritual. by Mazie-Grace-Knife
Elesis Crimson Avenger Cosplay #29 by DmC - Waffle by DrawMeaCosplay
Lato and Skana combo by Capricon132
Ranged Weapons - Guns, Bows, Artillery etc.
Nerf Doublestrike, Inline Clip, Actual Wood Grip by hoellenhamster
Hyperion Issued Glock-18 - Airsoft Borderlands by MartinLestrange
Nerf Rough Cut custom finished by peterszebeni
blaster carbine by hapajedi
Accessories - Armor, Helms, Shields, Ammo etc.
C6-37 DSSU V2E2.01 MRY2036 [UPGRADED VERSION] by greenwillow13
Aela the Huntress by Fin-Cosplay
Aela's Shield by Fin-Cosplay
Artorias' pauldron - Dark souls by BlastFlame
Explosive Devices, Flamage and WTF is that?
Custom Ghostbusters Ecto Prop Grenades by firebladecomics
Custom Ghostbusters Ecto Prop Grenades by firebladecomics
Charibdys: Open Formation by KingMakerCustoms
Steampunk All other Punk, Antiquiarian etc.
Steampunk Ray Gun Version 2 by CaelynTek
The Tree Hugger Maverick by CaelynTek
Skeletal Trench Gun - Steampunk Raygun by AetherAnvil
Valkyrie by cyclone-plex
Science Fiction and Post Apocalyptic etc.
WidowKiss, WidowMaker Gun from Overwatch by andrewhitc
N7 Sniper Rifle by 50calibagramma
Jedi Lightsaber N.3 - StarWars by MartinLestrange
Jedi Lightsaber N.2 - StarWars by MartinLestrange
Geek - Gaming, Anime, 40K, Comics, TV, Movies
Borderlands Krieg's Buzz Axe Cosplay SKS Props by SKSProps
Borderlands 3 Psycho Buzz Axe for Cosplay by SKSProps
M-76 Revenant Mass Effect Prop by Euderion
Star Trek TNG Medi-Kit Prop by Euderion



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Propagations Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
Excited to be a part of this group, thanks for adding me. A very talented group.
SolarisPhoenix Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Professional Writer
Thank you for the add! I'm honoured ^__^
WhimsicalCaptnJ Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter

Hey guys, if anyone would help spread the love for my new Etsy shop I'd be much appreciated. Nuff said, and thanks in advance!…


Capt'n J

KingMakerCustoms Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
We don't really do shop bumps on the page... we don't even advertize our own shops... but I'll throw it on my LC facebook page and give you a bump in my next Youtube video.
WhimsicalCaptnJ Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
my bad chief, you can take it down if you like. It's cool, I don't want to make waves. :)
KingMakerCustoms Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
It's not so much about waves, it just isn't what the PWC is for. However, I'm not against LC bumping it.
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AetherAnvil Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
Awesome group, some very talented people here!
GirlyGamerAU Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
... says master of the steampunk blades.. saw them this morning... amazing! Welcome aboard!
AetherAnvil Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
Niche field, not a lot of folks making Steampunk blades, lotsa guns, not so many blades, lol.

I really want to make a big ol' Steampunk gun, never done it before.

It is really awesome when folks like yourself do write-ups and explain a bit of the process, lets me grasp a bit more of what is involved! Thanks! :)
GirlyGamerAU Featured By Owner May 17, 2013
What about a big old gun blade!
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