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Bones phase 2 by Septs-Shadow
Outlaw Star Caster Gun by aBlindSquirrel
Prop commissions by Markiemark425
The Shield of Legend by Markiemark425
video games
Dark Souls - helmet replica by CrafterFold
Imperial officer's shoulders replica by CrafterFold
MK style cosplay masks by CrafterFold
Zer0 Borderlands2 cosplay sword replica by CrafterFold
Science Fiction
This is the way by CrafterFold
H. G. Wells: Key to the Time Machine by JesterMalcolm
20.000 leagues under the sea - The Nautilus by JesterMalcolm
H. G. Wells: The Time Machine by JesterMalcolm
Steampunk and cyberpunk
Plague Doctor mask and hat by CrafterFold
Plague Doctor mask by CrafterFold
Plague Doctor mask by CrafterFold
Plague Doctor mask by CrafterFold
western comics and animation
Wonder Woman - Diana's Armband by JesterMalcolm
Wolverine X-Men Cosplay Set by CrafterFold
Luci from Disenchantment by RinokoCosplay
Gwen Poole - cosplay props (katanas) by CrafterFold
manga and anime
Inosuke Hashibira mask replica by CrafterFold
Bleash - Ichigo cosplay kit by CrafterFold
Drive Knight cosplay mask by CrafterFold
One Piece - Devil Fruits by JesterMalcolm
Fantasy props
The Owl House - Owlbert V2 by JesterMalcolm
The Owl House - Portal Key by JesterMalcolm
Magic wand by CrafterFold
Magic wand by CrafterFold
LARP props
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis by JesterMalcolm
Foam throwing anvil by MarisArmoury
Steampunk Vial Holder by KwestCostumeArt
Leather LARP shoulder armour by MarisArmoury
Original Designs
Dragonscale-Amulet / Coaster by JesterMalcolm
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by CrafterFold
Fur gloves - polar bear by CrafterFold
Magic Pipe by JesterMalcolm
Team Fortress 2
Sasha-heavy by MarisArmoury
Naruto props
42-39 4th hokage kunai-finish by Chaosmage42
Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy - Baby Chocobo by JesterMalcolm
Video of Emma in her Costume Wheelchair by TimBakerFX
Television and film
Indiana Jones - Headpiece to the Staff of Ra by JesterMalcolm



Welcome to Propmakers!

We are a group dedicated to the art of creating replica props for costuming or display! If you enjoy building weaponry, armor, gadgets, and other items to compliment your (or others) costuming projects, this is the place for you!

Be it creations based on gaming, fantasy, roleplaying, LARPing, scifi, comics, steampunk, anime, original.... all genres are welcome.

If you do not make props, but otherwise have an interest in props and propmaking, feel free to watch us! If you create some later then wish to join, go right ahead!

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:Submission info-:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
-original builds are encouraged! This groups focus is primarily on things you scratchbuild, or extensively modify. If it looks like the original base (ie. a repainted nerf or other toy), It cannot be accepted (sorry!)
- please, no model prop kits!
- have the prop as the *primary* focus of the photograph if you don't have any photos of your prop alone. Remember, this is a group with a focus on props, not the full costume/outfit .
-please submit finished props only! This may change depending on how things go though!
- If you have multiple Deviations of the same prop, please choose one to contribute!
- If you have MANY props that are very similar in design/style, please submit a maximum 3 in a particular folder (ie. spellbooks, wands, katanas, gauntlets etc). This group is about exposing eachother to a variety of various work from propmakers, and 3 submissions should be able to represent an individual's body of similar in that category.
- jewelry cannot be accepted, with the exception of in the steampunk category on a case by case basis (please check the steampunk gallery for special rules) ..
-Some series are VERY popular, so they have their own folder.
-sorry, no plushies, as theres so many out there, i can't sort out what is and isn't a costume prop, and don't have time to debate every case. REALLY REALLY sorry about this one!
- i can't take submissions for helms, crowns, masks, headbands etc, until I can get more extensive guidelines set up.

These rules WILL evolve as things go along or on the offhand chance that this upgrades to a supergroup!

---Becoming a member---
Whether you're a new propmaker or live under a shop table at ILM, if you make props and items for costuming, cosplay, or just to have because you think its cool, you're welcome to apply to be a Member.

Thanks for coming!

Receiving too many deviations in your inbox from this group (or others)? go to your friends management page located here : and tick off the deviations button. You can still get blogs and such should you wish to!
As some have noticed.. well, a lot have noticed, I haven't been able to maintain this group as much as I was wanting to.  A LOT of people don't like to bother reading membership guidelines either :p

SO to make things more manageable, I'm opening up membership, just click to join :) Be sure to read the submisions guidelines though, because I *will* reject submissions that don't follow the guidelines (and send you a link to the guidelines)  Apologies in advance if I don't have time to debate rejected pieces.

Submissions to the featured category will automatically be rejected.

Whats this mean to you guys? Well., for one, i don't have to approve memberships, which means that even the folks who applied according to the rules won't get missed.

Just be sure that when you submit, please read the rules and submit to the proper category!

In the meantime, I', slowly going though the backlog of people who applied and had their requests expired. I sincerely apologize for not being able to keep up with y'all!
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