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Tech Support HQ 'The Tower'

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Okay, so this is The first floor [Ground Level] of the Tech Support Tower.

The drawing is incomplete off to the right. That is where the Hangar would go, but I didn't have enough room on my paper to do it justice.

The large circle in the middle is the Common Room dome, and if you are a part of Tech Support, you already know what it looks like.

Up in the top left section of the schematic is what looks like strangely shaped pentagons...that was my feeble attempt at some desks...I left them in pencil because I just know I'm going to be erasing them.

When I went to do the drawing in the first place, I wasn't planning on having Medical take up so much of it. But as with most things that K2 is a part don't get a choice and things just sort of happen without your authorization.

Anywho...If you look down at the left hand corner of the schematic to the right of the stairs you will see a small room with a faint "JC" inscribed therein. That is the Janitor's Closet. And as we all know. We HAVE to have a janitor's closet.

If there is anything else you want to know about this schematic...just comment here or on the K! Forum.



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This. Is. Awesome. The second I have a 3D program, I'm totally building it.