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Hope gtk3

Port to 3.10 in progress, PLEASE SEE THIS…
And Follow me on Google+ for more updates


This is the port of Hope gtk+ theme to gtk3. All credit goes to 0rAX0 ( for the beautiful theme.

This theme is released under the GPL version 3

Supported Desktops/WMs
* Gnome Shell
* Ubuntu Unity
* Gnome3 fallback classic mode
* Openbox
* xfwm4 (thanks to Illuna…

* Unico engine for gtk3
* Murrine for gtk2

Recommended font is PT Sans(included)

Dock on 1st screenie (…
Wallpaper (

Please report bugs and/or suggestions..

Change log:

*added styles for XFCE panel( thanks to ying… )

*fixed bug with gnome-panel 3
* included Dark toolbar version (by Georgi Karavasilev, improved by me)
*fixed bug in unity version

*gradient toolbar in gtk2 apps
*fixed bug with sidebar in file chooser
*fixed Chromium integration

* Rebuilt Shell theme for 3.2
* Dark sidebar for nautilus
* Prettier gradient for toolbar
* New notebook styles
* Better toolbar separators
* More compact grid in shell overview
* Removed ugly resize grip
* Recommended font PT Sans included

Openbox theme included.

* Rebuilt for unico 1.0.1
* Unity support added
* Support for fallback mode added
* minor fixes

*xfwm4 theme included

*Now based on unico engine
*Better buttons
*Better text-entries
*Better Tabs
*Gnome-shell theme included (based on gnome-shell atolm by half-left)

*(hopefully) fixed white text problem

*fixed nautilus sidebar text colour
*fixed listview active gradient
*various minor fixes

*corrected gradient for horizontal scrollbars
*radial gradient for buttons
*corrected progressbar border-radius


*-hope gtk by 0rAX0 (…

*-half-left for gnome-shell atolm theme (….

*xfwm4 theme by Illuna (…

*-Andrea Cimitan for the wonderful new unico gtk3 engine.

*-gnome3 design team for adwaita theme..

*- ghogaru for the awesome notebook style (

how to install
Ubuntu users can add a ppa for easy installation
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kokoto-java/omgubuntu-stuff
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install hope-gtk-theme

Other distros:

*Extract it.
*Copy the `Hope` and Hope-DT folders to ~/local/share/themes.
* Copy the folder 'ptsans' to ~/.fonts.
*Open gnome-tweak-tool.
*Choose Hope or Hope-DT as ur theme, Window theme and gnome-shell theme in the appropriate sections.
*Enjoy :)

*parabola and arch users can find the package in AUR…

* Ubuntu 11.10 and later
Already installed

*Others need to compile from source,
#install bzr from ur package manager
#open a terminal and type these commands
bzr co lp:unico
cd unico
su -c 'make install'

(If anyone knows of packages for other distros, please let me know, i'll update the info)

Happy hacking
© 2011 - 2022 properlypurple
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DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
This is beautiful.
Does this not work on Ubuntu 14.04? 'Cause I tried everything listed here... no use :/
Sadi58's avatar
Let's all pray for this great theme's coming up to date again :-)
any chance of this getting updated for 13.04?
ryancheung's avatar
I still cant's find the theme in Ubuntu 12.10 after added the ppa :/
On Arch Unico is showing up under the community feed in pacman at version 1.0.2-3. Just an FYI to people that don't want to play with aura/yaourt/etc.
Fantastic theme but unfortunately not compatible with 3.6.
Hey grvrulz,

I "hope" you will upgrade your theme to 3.6.

Thank you for your work !
haniahmed's avatar
coming soon for 3.6 edit by me
I know that it must be frustrating as a theme developer to have the Gnome/GTK+ devs basically ignore you in terms of backwards compatibility, but, seriously, can we please please please have a fixed and updated version of the best GTK3 theme for Gnome 3.6?

I have some issues like white text on gray background. Is this a known issue?
haniahmed's avatar
hope theme for gnome-shell 3.4 and unity it work done

Baraary's avatar
super fantaStic :)
tushantin's avatar
Using this in 12.04. Strangely, this theme works except for the font -- they are white in white BG. I can't read!
Can we have hope for 'GNOME 3.4'? or not? :D
Sharpbhoy's avatar
On Unity with 12.04, I'm getting white text on white background in Nautilus and various other software, such as Ubuntu-tweak.
This spoils the theme and renders it unusable.

Could you give us an update or tell us how to repair it ourselves?
Fixed it by changing nbg_color in /gtk-3/settings.ini - works everywhere but in the software center ;) But it seems not to recognize the font-color-settings...would be great if this gets fixed!
Can you give step-by-step fix? I can't understand. In my /usr/share/themes/Hope-DT/gtk-3.0/settings.ini, I see bg_color:#F2F1F0 (\nbg_color). But change it to what? :)
change it to #3e3e3e
this works for me too. @grvrulz, why not apply this and push out a new version for gnome 3.4? i understand it must be pretty annoying to deal with the GTK+ devs changing things every release that break themes, but this one change fixes the theme for me.
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