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Elegant Revisited

This is a variation of the Elegant Brit gnome3 theme pack with blue highlights. Good for those who like a minimalistic experience but hate the orange highlights.
Original theme here :thumb208925032:

A matching Chromium/Chrome theme here ([link]). Thanks to syntaxxxerror

Released under GPLv3 or any later version at your discretion.
© 2011 - 2021 properlypurple
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is there also xfce support? i'd need a theme that supports both gtk3 and xfwm
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actually the only problem is the xfce panel
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Hey, i just got a problem trying to extract it; it said me that it was an unknown compressed file, so if you could give me a link to download it as ZIP i would really thank you
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By far the best looking theme pack I've come across! I've been using it for a while, but a recent update broke a bunch of stuff. Buttons jump when you hover on them, text in menus is white-on-white, and highlighting items no longer changes their appearance. I'm not sure exactly what got updated that caused this stuff. Is there any information I can provide that might help these problems get solved?
It does not show up in my themes list. :c
But it's not the only theme that doesn't. Does anybody have experience with this?
I adjusted the Elegant Brit chrome theme to fit the blue color, it's at [link]
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Why don't you upload it to your gallery and I'll link to it :D
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Thank you.. :D
A darker version is in the making, I'll include this when I update the theme(Exams right now :P )
I use Netbeans. I cant see the Menutitles :(
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I believe Netbeans is built in Java. Its a problem with java apps and dark menubars. Apparently there's no solution for now so we have to live with it :(
hmmkay. I can live with it. Otherwise, good job ;)
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Nice work mate. :)
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Thank you so so much :D
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Thanks for the blue variant :D
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You're most welcome :)
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Thank you :)
P.S. I like Dobby ( read 'Dobby the elf' :P )
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:D My nose it a bit smaller than his :D
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