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Elegant Brit gnome3



Sorry to everybody who wanted this to be updated. I wanted to do this but life happened, and I'm not really gettig any time to do this. Also, I'm stuck on gtk 3.4 for the time being so I can't do it even if I want. Thanks to everybody who's carrying on the updates. If anyone wants, we can make a bzr or git repo so everybody can contribute.'Thank you for the patience.
This is the Elegant Brit gtk theme (… ported to gtk3. I always liked the theme so finally i ported it.

The gtk2 theme requires pixmap engine so please install it.

Update: Elegant Brit now works with gnome 3.2. Please report any bugs you find

Icon theme(based on area43) coming soon.. :D

Find a matching chromium theme here…

Wallpapers… and…

Userstyle for Firefox and derivatives by BigRZA

Dockbarx theme by BigRZA


*fixed gimp ruler bug(thanks to… )

*better scrollbars
*new corner ripple image( thank you :iconaftermarketgirl: )
*new toggle-switches
*minor tweaks

*Minor bugfixes

*Updated to work with gnome 3.2

*added description for userstyle and dockbarx theme.

*gnome-shell theme included now.. :)

*corected white text poblem

*corrected nautilus breadcrumbs and search button.
*improved appearance of gtkswitch widget

Design credit goes to
*fmrbpensador (…
* Dzakusek(… for Elegant One
*lyrae (… for Black-white

This theme is licensed under the gplv3(, same as the original theme..

Please fav it if u like it, and don't forget to leave a comment. Please file bugs if you find them..

Happy Hacking.. :) :)
© 2011 - 2024 properlypurple
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I've just installed the theme and I'm getting a white line in every window between the title bar and the menu bar. Do you have any idea why it might be? Screenshots look fantastic, congratulations on your work!