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Elegant Brit gnome3

Sorry to everybody who wanted this to be updated. I wanted to do this but life happened, and I'm not really gettig any time to do this. Also, I'm stuck on gtk 3.4 for the time being so I can't do it even if I want. Thanks to everybody who's carrying on the updates. If anyone wants, we can make a bzr or git repo so everybody can contribute.'Thank you for the patience.
This is the Elegant Brit gtk theme (… ported to gtk3. I always liked the theme so finally i ported it.

The gtk2 theme requires pixmap engine so please install it.

Update: Elegant Brit now works with gnome 3.2. Please report any bugs you find

Icon theme(based on area43) coming soon.. :D

Find a matching chromium theme here…

Wallpapers… and…

Userstyle for Firefox and derivatives by BigRZA

Dockbarx theme by BigRZA


*fixed gimp ruler bug(thanks to… )

*better scrollbars
*new corner ripple image( thank you :iconaftermarketgirl: )
*new toggle-switches
*minor tweaks

*Minor bugfixes

*Updated to work with gnome 3.2

*added description for userstyle and dockbarx theme.

*gnome-shell theme included now.. :)

*corected white text poblem

*corrected nautilus breadcrumbs and search button.
*improved appearance of gtkswitch widget

Design credit goes to
*fmrbpensador (…
* Dzakusek(… for Elegant One
*lyrae (… for Black-white

This theme is licensed under the gplv3(, same as the original theme..

Please fav it if u like it, and don't forget to leave a comment. Please file bugs if you find them..

Happy Hacking.. :) :)
© 2011 - 2021 properlypurple
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I've just installed the theme and I'm getting a white line in every window between the title bar and the menu bar. Do you have any idea why it might be? Screenshots look fantastic, congratulations on your work!
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hey, i want to change windows color to blue, but didnt know what lines to change/ mind to explain me?!
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i mean windows border color.
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I merged the aftermarketgirl edits and also faffed about with the shell theme [link]
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I did a quick update for 3.6. [link]

To be merged with Baggypants's 3.4 update. [link]
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This is a wonderful theme, I love it! There is one little issue with it though: The icons in the Bluefish text editor change size when hovering over them; it's quite stressful. I got this on my notebook at work as well as the computer at home (using ArchLinux and Fluxbox). I've tried searching for something in the config files that could explain that behaviour but since I'm not familiar with the GTK theme files I didn't find anything. When using another theme, the issue goes away. Also it doesn't seem to be caused by the icon theme (I use Faenza, btw). I've tested it with another icon theme and the problem persists...

In anyway, thanks for your great work! :)

There's a bug with hover buttons. A border appears on them and the whole dialog "moves"... As if the button takes more real estate when in hover state because of the border. How to fix that?
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At the risk of being self promoting, I've done some work on it here: [link]
very nice, just tried it on linux mint cinnamon looks good. just a minor problem with white text on menu. not sure why, otherwise good job. thanks.
What theme engine should I install for this?
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Inspired by Blackemon67 I've dug around and tried to fix up my own Elegant Brit 3.4 I've edited the old theme as opposed to starting from scratch
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I'm working on a 3.4 port, download if you'd like :D
Please update the theme to work with gnome 3.4
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a small fix
only the gnome-shell
Any chance you'll update this for Gnome 3.4?
Please update! My desktop looks awful without it :)
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This theme is awesome. I've been using it since I found it, but now I've updated to gnome-shell 3.4 and it doesn't work anymore =(

Please, please, pleaaaase, update it!

Also, it you'd set up a donation page, I'm sure a lot of people would donate (me included)!
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I second the port to GTK 3.4, this why the theme is broken on gnome 3.4.

You actually might have a much easier time using the unico engine, I had a good starting point with the "NIX" theme for gtk 3.4. I just am not experienced enough to know what i'm doing.
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the elegant_brit theme is the best damn theme I've ever used, and it's a shame all my gtk3 apps look horrible D:
Please consider updating this for 3.4! Best theme. I love using it. Thanks!
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Amazing theme, I love it! It works great on Linux Mint too.

But on Arch and Xubuntu with Xfce I have some problems with it.
Some elements have white background and text. Especially on the panels: [link]
If I hover over theme, it is displayed properly. Perhaps I am not installing it right? I just copy the archive contents to ~/.themes

Also, window title bar doesn't get changed. in Xfce it is handled by different setting in Settings->Window Manager, but Elegant Brit doesn't show up in the themes list.

Please, can you advise how to fix this? Thanks!
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still waiting for that icon pack dude :D :D :D
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not working with gnome3.4,
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