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graffiyeti wallpaper

yeti love you
yet i love you.

download for 1900x1200(ish)

here for 1600x1200: [link]
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confession: I haven't changed my wallpaper in about 4 years... and now its this! :D
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i love your yeti concept
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I like the surfer-feel that this graffiyeti has!
Very cute!
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Awesome. it's cute but it's also very modern and fresh because it has a graphitti feel to it . ^_^
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So cute....... OMFG. omg..... ;~;
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Psssssst, laurasaurus :') You know how much you love me? Could you mayhaps post up a 1366x768 mayhaps? Because some of us have weird sized widescreens and my potatoshops is broked and this is epic enough to replace my glee desktop :') <3
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Fankyoo bootiful! :heart:
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for sures! ill do that right now. and yes, that is an odd resolution. :D
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I am odd, so I have odd things. :')
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wow, soo cute. yes he is. ^^ too bad this isn't normally the type of graffiti we see on the streets. lol it'd sure give graffiti a better reputation.
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I'll never get tired of your puns. (;
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and they'll never get tired of you! ...wait, what?

<3 thanks darling
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Soo cute! I love the letters too, they look so squishy!
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aww... this is so cute :3
DontShoottheDucks's avatar
So cute! XD It looks so soft and fluffy!
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I love your yeti so much ! :)
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the yeti´s so awww
B-e-t-t-i-e's avatar
:iconilavplz: only thing I can say to explain my love for this: :iconicameplz:
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OMFG THAT IS JUST ADORABLE!! I love the colours the cute little yeti and the graffiti styl is just awwwwwww :love: seriously you did a great job hun FAV
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Dwahhhh, so fluffy and cute!
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Hehe, daww. I love the colors you used here. Super adorable! :la:
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