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exotic cats

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i want an exotic cat; their faces make me lol irl.

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samparadise21Hobbyist Artist
LOL so sweet
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hahaha love the funny kitty faces! how wonderful and creative
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I just want to print this on a binder and carry it around a jr. high locker bay. Awesome.
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MinimonyHobbyist Traditional Artist
The colors are very sweet and smooth!
The Scottish fold looks so lazy!
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Bree333888Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hehehe! How cute! :love:
I love exotic cats too! They look so silly!
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cmjcutiepieProfessional General Artist
how cute
eleazirah's avatar
Me too :<

I love the colors!!! It's so girly xD I kinda want it as my bed sheet cover o_O
purpleoctopussy's avatar
purpleoctopussyProfessional Digital Artist
awww :aww:
jennyonjupiter's avatar
Cute! Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't think their faces are repulsive! Actually, they're more funny than cute really lol. My favorite is the one chilling in the upper left corner.
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eternalsaturnHobbyist Digital Artist
I love those cats with their chubby little faces too. XD

I just love the colors here! They look... tasty, somehow. :XD: I'm weird...
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Those are some pretty brave birds/chicks to be hanging out with those cats ;p
MisterMushroom's avatar
MisterMushroomStudent Digital Artist
the pink one is rather weird looking, no offense, but they are pretty adorable. ^^

they kinda made me laugh as well. X3
Neko-Pancake's avatar
Neko-PancakeHobbyist Artisan Crafter
This is very lovely, these kitties are adorable. :heart:
EmotionlessBlue's avatar
EmotionlessBlueHobbyist Digital Artist
haha, very cuuute~ |D
TsukiNoTamashii's avatar
Ahaha, yes, their faces <3
I love the colour scheme!
seasaltxdreamer's avatar
omgoshhh, i was watching cats101{lmfao} the other day and i love exotic cats. <3
their smushy faces are love.
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hinoraitoProfessional Digital Artist
aaww how adorable XD
KellyEchavarria's avatar
KellyEchavarriaProfessional Digital Artist
Cute cute!!! (^o^)
Piscesandthediamonds's avatar
PiscesandthediamondsHobbyist Writer
haha aww so cute!
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AshleyRDHobbyist General Artist
LOL :puke:
j/k as they are not my favorite cat I still think this came out great =)

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KittoMikkoHobbyist General Artist
SOooooo cuuute...
I want a Scottish fold cat...
But the kitty I have right now is just fine. ;3 I love her to bits.
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Madame-ClockworkHobbyist Digital Artist
:heart: I love these kitties! (Especially cuz I have three cats. :hug:)

Their faces make me giggle. :3
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chocowaffleProfessional Filmographer
So cute!! xD
I like the one on the top left corner :)
SynchronizedLuv's avatar
SynchronizedLuvHobbyist General Artist
Oh my, they make me laugh too. This is adorable. I really like the colors.
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