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lol get it? cuz ghosts go "boo" and bombs go "boom". i get bored a lot. its true.

download for 1024x768.

i should have a "beware of the cheese*" warning with some of my deviations.

*the cheese being my cheesey humor.

edit: YES i know this is overly cute and simple. yes, i know that cute makes some of you sick. but please, its just for a laugh so lighten up and enjoy, okay?
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the tiny bomb is so sad,
im tearing up.
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I wouldn't worry about the people criticizing this. I love this, I saw the thumb and specifically went out of my way to see why this adorable white whale thing was doing going "boo".

Thanks for lightening up my night. :)
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That pun...

kill me
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Oh darn that's so cute and sad!
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Aw, that little bomb is sad his friend died
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Hello :)
I´m a graphic designer and at the moment i am creating a mockup for bag designs.
It looks like this:

I still need some designs for preview purposes and i wanted to ask you kindly if i can use this artwork for it.
I will not sell or print your design in any way.
And of course i will feature you in the description of the mockup, so that people get linked to your design.
Thanks in advance, i´m looking forward to your reply :)
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as long as you're not making a profit and sourcing/crediting me, i don't mind at all :)
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hey, its me again.
Just wanted to show you the final outcome.
Here it is:
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so kind from you :)
i messaged like 50 people and til now only 2 people replied :(

I only make profit with my product, but not with your design. (your design is not included in the mockup that the people download, i just apply it once to show people how the mockup works)

You can see what i mean here:

These are my mockups and for the preview, i always need example businesscards, backgrounds, etc.

I will feature your design in the description of course :)
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awww, how cute!!!
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I like your style.
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warning it was a dud bomb lol
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Could I get this on a t shirt? :P
UnreturnedLove's avatar
Awwwwwwwwww that's so cute and sad! ^_^
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looooooooooove it!
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hehe puns are fun
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HHAHAHAHAHA! SO darn nice:thumbsup:
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This wonderful work is featured on my blog post "10 Minimal and Fun Wallpapers from DeviantArt" [link]
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hhaaha ftw thats awesome:)
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