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The Impossible Cuckoo Clock

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I really love cuckoo clocks. I think they're brilliant, so I made one of my own. If this were a real clock I'm 99% sure it would weigh too much to be mounted on a wall in any normal fashion.

Most of the motifs and designs were based off of real cuckoo clocks, as were the flowers. (I looked up a lot of Dutch motifs because they are really pretty and intricate)

To the right I've included some detail shots, but there were a lot of them. I'm glad I did this picture because I found a cooler way to do fur/hair.

There are some goofy characters hanging about, including a clockwork ghost, an acorn pendulum monster thing, a sasquatch, and some animals just enjoying the scenery.

And if you are wondering where the water for the waterfall/wheel is coming from....

Keep wondering, because I really have no idea.

Tools: Photoshop Cs2 and mouse.

Inspiration: Cuckoo Clocks, a little bit of Crowded Teeth, dutch motif, cool hipster stuff that I cannot afford but want.
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Aquais94Student Digital Artist
That Artwork reminds me of Meomi's Art style.
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funahoeProfessional General Artist
very cute, love the details. and now to go look at your other recent works.
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Tr1nks1eHobbyist General Artist
This is impossibly cute!!! :love:
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MajaDalgaardHobbyist Digital Artist
I love cuckoo clocks too! This is a great piece, so cute and colorful and full of wonderful little details. And your snail is sooo cute!
KisetsuMeikyuu's avatar
KisetsuMeikyuuStudent General Artist
It's so cute
I LOVE IT!! *o*♥
Zayoon's avatar
ZayoonHobbyist Photographer
Cute and really lovely :dance:
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There's a cuckoo clock in my favourite café. People spending time there use the place like their second living room, and that cuckoo clock hasn't harmed atmosphere (maybe on the contrary?). Little distraction is rather nice. This cuckoo clock might be a big distraction, but it's so adorable it could grow on people. Would be interesting to hear what it would sound like. I wouldn't mind sound of the waterfall.
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your art style is so cute :3 love it!
allie2911's avatar
This is so adorable!
Piimocial's avatar
PiimocialHobbyist General Artist
This is really wonderful cute!!!!
embrujida's avatar
embrujidaStudent Writer
This just puts the universe a little bit more in balance.
aryl5's avatar
I think I like this best out of your whole gallery.... *starry-eyed*
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millieqofHobbyist Digital Artist
Love the detail! Super pretty.
MarilynJay's avatar
MarilynJayHobbyist General Artist
This is so cute I can hardly stand it!!!
Snow-Kitten-88's avatar
Aaaah so much detail @A@
Princess-Peachie's avatar
WOW, SO FUN!!! :faint:
This is amazing! YOU are amazing. XD;;; :heart: I swear. This really made my eyes glimmer.
I love the little bunny in the rabbit hole the most!! ;o; :heart:
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LhezsHobbyist General Artist
This is awesome!! Can't believe u only did this on Photoshop with a mouse~!! Most vector artists use Illustrator and Wacom, but this is as just great!!
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Aquais94Student Digital Artist
The owner is not the one using it on Photoshop, Most of my Artwork were used on GIMP with a touchpad (while the older artwork was used on MS Paint) for nearly seven years, but now I just transitioned to Inkscape (Vector) for characters, props, and actions while I continued to use GIMP for background illustrations, unused props, characters and Audiences.
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kvweberStudent Digital Artist
This is great! I love the patterns and intricate designs you used here. I feel like it could come to life at any moment. :love:
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indegestoProfessional General Artist
i want one C:
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I keep meaning to comment on this and keep forgetting. UNTIL NOW. But I love this. The amount of detail is amazing. I love pictures where you discover things the more you look at it. I also love that you have the details on the side. It makes it look like a cool poster. My favorites are the clock and the little owl on top.
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You are a real inspiration to my work!
MizukiHanaKH4EVA's avatar
MizukiHanaKH4EVAHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I love this alot! Lot's of details! and i like coocoo clocks as well! :D
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I like it
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