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Fish Rider Wallpaper

download 1024x768

cats ride fish.
dogs ride uhm.. hmm. i have no idea. it's a mystery!

Now Available in exciting new flavors! And by flavors I mean sizes! Oh how dirtier this could get:

here is 1920x1200: [link]
here is 1600x1200: [link]

each one is a little different in placement so you know it's legit. that and i'm lazy to actually figure out how to do everything properly. hohoho.
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Aztecatl13's avatar
I used it as a wallpaer
MKho's avatar
Aww~~~ So cute!
CHARLOT32's avatar
lyla9's avatar
Taufel20's avatar
Very cute and funny!! <3
MoleyVyrus's avatar
Very nice work, but 1024 x 768?? :noes: This is fast becoming the 800x600 of the now. I want to use this but it looks silly and bad cause stretching it makes the quality bad.

:+fav: Make a 168 x 1050 at least. (:
pronouncedyou's avatar
there! you've inspired me and i've added 1920x1200 and 1600x1200, because those seemed pretty common. any other sizes i should add? :X
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haha yeah, my friend informed me of that over new years. she said that im old and "no one uses such a big resolution!"

i never know what the resolutions are nowadays. you kids and your crazy resolutions!
fruitystars's avatar
Awww-ha-ha-ha this is so adorable! X3
iPika's avatar
Aww I wish this was bigger! ><
SNYpwincess's avatar
lol! i love it!! 。◕ ◡ ◕。
animewingsforever's avatar
awesome! XD really great
RabidPezDispenser's avatar
Dogs ride dog biscuits! :D This is so cute. I wish I had my own computer so I could make it my background D:
SasukesChicky45's avatar
OMGOMG its so adorable!~!~!
I favorited.
Thanks for doing it! ^(>w<;)^ meow
BigxBadxWorld's avatar
Minimony's avatar
This is really eye catching!
The orange cat is so strong, so energetic...
The green is goofy cute!
And the little chicks are a sweet detail!
Subaqueous's avatar
Green cat is totally on mushrooms!
pronouncedyou's avatar
lmao. maybe. or hungry. debating eating his fish. hehe.
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