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Bunny Garden Pattern

I want to get into making patterns for fabric and for general use :D

Here's the first pattern I've made in awhile. It features bunnies, flowers, mushrooms, a bee, and a snail! The lovely Skysheep ([link]) assured me that it's seamless, so have at it!

Free for use for desktop backgrounds/blogs! Just link back to me so everyone knows where to get it :D Enjoy!
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downloaded, thank you for this I will be using it as a BG for an artwork :heart: 
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This is super cute I can totally see that being on something I would want to buy <3
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This is so cute!! I love the colors! 
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ahh your artwork is so colourful and serene <3
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Hi, can I use your patterns to decorate boxes that I use for my job please (I'm animator) ? I don't sell them, it's just in order to pack away my personnal cards game.
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I used your super cute background to pretty up my profile! I hope you like it! :heart:
I credited you in my ID :aww:
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Thank U so much!
hola! me gustaria saber si tus patrones se pueden utilizar  para uso comercial, son muy bonitos. gracias
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Using this pattern on my tumblr I'm making for my rabbits (

I actually managed to edit the HTML to credit you at the bottom of the page.

Usually at the bottom of Tumblr pages you'll see something like:

Archive / Random Post / RSS
Powered by Tumblr - Theme Name by Creator

So I hunted through the HTML until I found:

    >a href="/archive"<{lang:Archive}>/a<
    >a href="/random"<{lang:Random post}>/a<
    >a href="{RSS}"<{lang:RSS}>/a<
>font size="2"<>i<
    }lang:Powered by Tumblr 2{
    >a href="theme link"<Theme Name>/a< by >a href="creator link"<Creator>/a<

So all you have to do (for this one anyway) is write in, just before the end code for the font, (so right where the text you want to put it underneath ends)
>br< ">a href=""<Bunny Garden Pattern>/a<" background by >a href=""<pronouncedyou>/a<

And you will get another line that says:

"Bunny Garden Pattern" background by pronouncedyou

And the "Bunny Garden Pattern" will be a link back to this page and the "prounouncedyou" will link back to your DeviantArt page.

Figured that might be helpful for anyone who wanted to use it but couldn't figure out where to put the credit!

(Though Deviantart kept trying to render the HTML so I had to switch all the > < } { signs)
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oo im using it on my page right now uvu/// i hope that you dont mind that i adjusted the color a bit....
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Using it on my profile ^_^
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Used you pattern in a drawing. Hope that was okay?…
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Used your pattern for a small doodle of mine ♥…
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using it for my personal blog and your credit it under "about," thank you for making this
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so cuuuuuuute!!! :heart:
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this is just way too cute :iconasdfghplz:

i used it on my page !!
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Is... is this what it feels to be killed by a cuteness?
Cuteness overloaded!
Cuteness over 9000!
Waaakh so cuuute! La la la la 
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Thank you!!
It look cute ><
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