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HP7: 'night Little James



Done! This was more easy because is really simple and I like it so much :)

I imagined the new Potter family in the beginning, you know the first baby to come is James III :heart: I just... love this kid since I read him, he's truly adorable!! And too because of course my James (Prongs) is kinda born again in him, OH YEAH BABY!!! So here's Harry as a proud daddy holding little James meanwhile Ginny the sweet mum is giving his son a good night kiss.

It's bed time! :D

edit if you're worried for the way Harry's holding the baby, think about Michael Jackson.... HAHAHAHAHA ^^;
(sorry, I deleted Ginny's arm for the sake of the angle... but he's safe! Harry's sitting in a chair but I was lazy to add color too XD).

Harry Potter © JKRowling
Art © Me
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I don't like Hinny but I had to fave because the baby is cute.