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Steampunk TARDIS

Check out the INCREDIBLE 3D version of this drawing, from ~RisiaVyle!! --> [link]

Okay, in a nutshell, the idea behind this is: In this "Steampunk" universe, The Doctor went back to 1891 London instead of 1963 London, where his TARDIS's Chameleon Circuit formed itself into a police box, and then promptly broke.

Also, this is not my design. This picture is based on a real 1891 police call box: [link] Obviously, it's rather fuzzy, and I had to make up a lot of the detail on the box, but it's still not my design...I can't take credit for that. :P

Now for the description!!

A while ago someone mentioned drawing a Steampunk TARDIS, since I also drew the Steampunk Cyberman and Dalek. I thought this was a good idea, only if we were going with the whole steampunk idea, I couldn't use the 1960's design of the police box. If the TARDIS had been in the 1890's (instead of the 1960's) when it's chameleon circuit malfunctioned, it would not be the 60's design we're so familiar with. be a TARDIS and a proper Victorian mirror of the normal TARDIS, it would still have to be a police box (or something similar).

THANKFULLY, police boxes did exist in the late Victorian era, but just barely; the very first British police boxes were made in 1891 and developed to help the fact that the Glasgow Police Force spread out over a wider area, and therefore needed a way to communicate with each other. Police boxes were being used in America (as they are actually an American invention), and a certain member of the Glasgow police force invented his own version. 14 were made in total, painted red and made from cast-iron. It serves the same function as the later police boxes (for police men to communicate before radios or cell phones), with a light on top that would turn on to let nearby police men know to answer the phone (a red filter would also cover the light for emergencies). The public could use them too, of course.

An interesting little detail is that the box itself is actually hexagonal. And for all the Doctor Who fans out there, I'm sure you know the signifigance that hexagons play in the design of the TARDIS. ;)

Anyway...enjoy!! :D

MUCH THANKS goes to :icongeneralvyse: for the awesome backrounds!!

TARDIS is copyright of the BBC. Well, actually only the shape of the 60's version of the police box is copyright of the I guess this 1890's version is ALL MINE!!!! mwhahaha!!!
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very very amazing!!Clap Heart 
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Hello, I would like to feature your beautiful work on my blog on Amazing Stories! I will credit you, and link back to this image here on DA.
 The blog is scheduled for Wednesday 26 February, you will be able to find it by following this link:…
 Please let me know if this is *not* ok with you! Keep up the good work!
Wow. Just... wow! This is freaking amazing!
I love the Steampunk TARDIS!
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I can certainly imagine the Third Doctor coming out of that.
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What kind of paper did you use? Or how did you make it like that?
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This is extremely wonderful! Very well done!
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So glad I came to the original page for this! I had no idea that police boxes were invented in the US or that Victorian police boxes were really this elaborate! How interesting.
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Thanks! Always happy to know that I can inform as well as entertain with my art. :D
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THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! - Seven
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This is gorgeous!
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Brilliant! I love anything Steampunk! MUST GO FIND CYBERMAN AND DALEK!!!
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*does insane, crazy giggle*
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I might would like that look...
would like to see if you would let us do a short production line of leather goods with your steampunk tardis.
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