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Steampunk Dalek




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In the year 4000, in the William Hartnell (First Doctor) episode "The Daleks Master Plan," the Daleks conspire to conquer Earth's densely-populated solar system. Their scheme involves treachery at the highest levels, and a weapon capable of destroying the very fabric of time. The story of the Steampunk Daleks starts where one Dalek scout ship headed for Earth suffers a engine core breach (possibly due to simple malfunction or to sabotauge) and disrupts the space-time continuum around it. Falling through time, it is propelled backward 2000 years, where it crashes on the Earth's surface in 1880. With practically all of their advanced technology destroyed or damaged beyond repair, the Daleks must rebuild their forces using the technology available to them added to their knowledge of future tech. Once there, they will conquer Earth while it is still in its Victorian age, making the goals of their future kin all the more easier.

All goes well until a wheezing sound is heard, and a box materializes out of nowhere...

...and no, the Doctor who stops them is NOT Nine or Ten. :XD:

While doing this steampunk piece, I kept in mind this little exchange between the Cybermen and the Daleks in "Doomsday:"

Cybermen: "Our species are similar, though your design is in-elegant."
Dalek: "Daleks have no concept of elegance!!"
Cybermen: "This is obvious."

Not only did I think that was kind of funny, but it gave an interesting insight into each race: the Cybermen are obviously very proud of their design, and elegance and style is an important factor in how they look. Daleks, on the other hand, have themselves claimed to have "no concept of elegance," so they apparently don't care what they look like, as long as it works. I kept this in mind during these drawings; whereas the Steampunk Cyberman is very artistically crafted with fine decorative details (for example, the fancy smokestack tops), the Steampunk Dalek looks like a high school science fair reject (its smokestack just has a simple, functional tip), with all sorts of stuff just crammed onto it. Anyway...enjoy!! All comments/critique is welcome. :D

P.S. - Both of my Steampunk Doctor Who pictures would make a neat steampunk retelling of "Doomsday..." ;)

MUCH THANKS goes to :icongeneralvyse: for the awesome backround!!

Daleks are copyright of the Terry Nation Estate.
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I really like this design and the thoughts behind it. :)