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1. Argument with a Captain



You could say this picture is a sequel to this one: [link]

This has a FOLLOW-UP now!! Go see! ---> [link]

Sure, the Enterprise and its crew face powerful beings all the time. They get captured pretty much every week. There's no question about that; it happens.

But what DOESN'T happen is for the powerful being of the week being able to take over WITHOUT getting an earful from the captain first.

And then Kirk goes and pretends to give up, while actually plotting a tactic that will save his ship and his crew. :D

For my fellow McCoy fans, I also did THIS one, with McCoy standing in place of Spock --> [link]
Personally I like it better, but everyone loves Spock, so that's the one I chose to upload. :)

FUNNIEST COMMENT goes to ~Artema :iconartema:, who said:
"I love that that guy behind Vader is like "Oh shit, is that Captain Kirk? Should I ask for an autograph?" and Spock's got his "Bitch, plz" face on."
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