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My Bio
I'm a conceptual sketch artist and photomanipulator (is that a word?)

Favourite Visual Artist
Bruce Timm, Pat Lee (for humans), Michael Turner, Jamal Igle
Favourite Movies
Star Wars, John Carter, Tron, StarGate (the TV show is another universe)
Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek - The Original Series, Doctor Who - The Original Series, Mission: Impossible
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I don't really like "bands," but my favorite composers are Johns Powell and Barry
Favourite Books
Perelanda by C. S. Lewis, The Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry
Favourite Writers
L. Frank Baum, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling
Favourite Games
Red Faction 1 or Half-Life 1, Gears of War
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC (or someone else's Xbox 'cause I'm too cheap to buy one myself)
Tools of the Trade
Sketchpad, pencil, pens...and big erasers.
Other Interests
I have many interests...I can't possibly list them all here!!
Yep, you read that right. Pick an awesome name for my van, and you get $15 deposited directly into your Paypal account! You may have seen my other journal on this topic... or you might have missed it. Either way, this is my van: I know lots of people think it's ugly (for some reason that I can't understand), but I think it's the coolest thing to ever roll out of Detroit! It happens to be my dream car, and I wouldn't trade it for either of my other dream cars (a 1982 Pontiac TransAm modified to be like
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Name my van!

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Hi everyone!! Check out this awesome and hilarious commercial for the 90's Pontiac TransSport minivan! It's the SPACE VEHICLE of the 90's! RIDE, TRANS SPORT, RIIIIDE!!! I'm a proud owner of that van (mine is even white!), and it's been my dream car longer than any other car I've been attracted to. It's one of the coolest-looking vehicles to ever roll out of Detroit! It's like my "Corvette," except unlike most guys who will have to sell their Corvette and trade it in for a minivan when they get married, I won't have to! Because my "Corvette" already IS a minivan!! Mwahahaha!! :headbang: Anyway, I
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Wow, it's been a while since I was tagged! ~Dinogaby ( (  tagged me with the following questions, and here are my answers! 1. What is your dream job? A. Professional filmmaker. 2. What are 5 things you want to do at some point in your life before you die? A. Drive a steam locomotive, fly into space, fire an energy weapon (with a visible beam), fire a minigun, and last but certainly not least, kiss a girl. To date I have done none of these things... 3. What is your favorite animal? A. Triceratops! 4. How would you define yourself? A. Sci-fi fan with a great sense of humour and adventure. 5. If you had to eat only one ty
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Best wishes on your birthday!
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