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(Open 2/4) Soft set



Owner: @xJaydreamerx

Out of this world

Cotton Candy

Magic level 1:
This Paralogos' body fluff has some properties of cotton candy, such as appearing to dissolve when wet, and having a similar texture. It is not edible, however.

Owner: @iowasi

Cloudy Skies



Buyer will get transparent upon purchasing!


Bullet; White  Mixed payment of points and money is allowed
Bullet; White Your account must be at least 3 months of age to purchase
Bullet; White You must pay within 24 hours of winning
Bullet; White Do NOT claim if you are not 100% sure

Paralogos © :iconparalogosdictionary:
Mhoats © :iconmhoat-boat:
Art is mine
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If you don't mind me asking out of the blue- is the Axolotl still for sale? (Also- do we need to have been apart of Paralogos for 3 months- or is that for dA?) Sorry for so many

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Axolotl is still for sale! Paypal or points?

The 3 month rule is usually for DA accounts, some people have made new accounts to pay then charge back and delete and etc. You don't need to worry about that rule.

No need to be sorry for all the questions, I'm glad to help!

xZephyrMistx's avatar

I don't currently have enough for it but I definitely want to save up and come back and get it! I was mainly asking to be sure it was still for sale. Sorry if I bothered you at all! I'll be back once I can get enough for it though if it isn't bought by then! Thank you for answering my questions ^^

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I'll buy Cotton Candy with PayPal/money!

I am already a member of the Paralogos community but can provide proof if needed. ^v^

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Go ahead and note me with your paypal so i can send an invoice!