Hello wonderful members :wave:


:damphyr: Being listed here is not totally free. I'm sorry. It will cost points.

Advertisement here is shown to almost 12000 watchers, which is a lot.
Also, if you don't like this idea, no need to tell me this. I understand some might don't like it and it's okay. but telling this won't change anything.
Please understand.
ps. this idea was inspired by UnseenArtists's Commission Listings. so we are not the first group who decides to host commission advertisement for points. Also I give that group full credit for idea.

if you don't send a note within 24h from giving points it will be counted as a normal donation.
I will not beg for your notes or to feature you. it's your buisness to take care of it. if you won't, I will just appreciate the donation =P
Alsom please don't panic if you aren't added in a day or two. I usually update once a week so be patient please!
NO REFUNDS please be sure before you particiapte in this feature offer.


:star: 1 month long feature
:pointr: Donate 20 DA points :points: to izka-197 for TEXT ONLY commission feature
:pointr: Donate 50 DA points :points: to izka-197 for TEXT+ 4 EXAMPLES commission feature Examples can be chosen by you or if no then I will randomly choose from your gallery. :new:
:pointr: Send PromoteArt a note with title 'commission listing' (after sending points) and fill the following info:
- link to your commission information: (journal or deviation)
- what types of commission you take: (example: anime style only, semi-realizm, boys only, animals only, color, black and white, traditional, digital) try to use max 20 words for this, no full sentences please.
- accepted payment: paypal, da points, subscriptions etc
- additional info: (fill if needed. example: only 5 slots, will be closed on[date] etc)

:star: Blog advertisement will be added here >> promoteart.deviantart.com/blog… << and updated usually once per week! (please be patient)


:star: feature till contest deadline (deadline must be decided)
:pointr: Donate 20 DA points :points: to izka-197 for contest feature
:pointr: Send PromoteArt a note with title 'contest listing' (after sending points) and fill the following info:
- link to your contest info
- what is the contest about (theme, what media etc) (short info)
- prize examples: (what you can win: points/ art/ features/ subscription/ money etc?)
- deadline: (when does the contest end?)

:star: Contest advertisement will be added here >> promoteart.deviantart.com/jour… << and updated usually once a week! (please be patient)

After one month from adding you you will be removed. to renew your advertisement you will be asked to resubmit the note and pay for another month.
Please be patient, updates are weekly not daily.

Thank you :heart:

Important: Do not try to feature yourself on our front page or blogs! your comment will be hidden/ flagged as spam and you can be blocked from the group if you do this twice! I warned you.

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