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Len kagamine.

I think I have improved a little with my photoshop skills.. I'm starting to understand.. X)

this one I drew myself.
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i wany to hug him so much :iconblushplz:
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You can, if you can catch him. He's really fast u see. ^^
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Im going to catch him with a rocket *flies to him* :iconiloveyouplz:
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Heb jij photoshop..?
wist ik nie..:O

Maar nice ingekleurd:D
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Heeft Alexander een paar weken geleden geinstalleerd ^^
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Improvement is always good :)
The design and backgrounds are nice ^^, but I may have some notes\suggestions for the anatomy, if you would like~
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Sure, all advice is welcome. ^^
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Hmm.. ok:
*)The legs should be longer- remember that unless you draw some extreme chibi stuff XP, the legs take about half of the whole body, including the head. Thats the main thing that should be improved in my point of view~
*)The legs and arms are very thin, Im afraid a little too much. Also, both the hands and feet are should be enlarged- see how big is the arm compared to your face (in a mirror or such), and the feet is even bigger!
Moreover, a too big hand\foot looks better and more believeable then a too small one.
*) Just a tip, you can make the curves eh.. curvier? For instance, make the eye socket more prominent, ect~
That would be all :)
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Thanks u very much..
I'm really bad with the lengths of legs.. Look at my other drawings and u'll see. ^^
I agree on the hands that have to be bigger, but personally I think the feet are just right. ^^
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Youre welcome :)
Then just work on that~ ^^
And could be, Im no drawing expert XP. You cna agree or disagree, no harm done (:
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