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Mac OS X Theme, Firefox 3.5

By Promatik
New version of:
Mac OS X Theme, now for Firefox 3.0.3

Note that, this can be used with Vista OS X
, from :iconpatrickgs:, [link]
Its a really cool skin, and match perfectly with this theme.

My theme is based on [link] from "GOLF-AT" with some improvements of "storm119" and then, final adjustment from me :D

Don't forget to visit [link] :nod:


To get that nice font on bookmarks-bar, I use "Tahoma 16"...
Go to Tools » Options » Content ... :)


Compatible with Firefox 3.5
© 2008 - 2021 Promatik
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LoL nice Theme
chiepchiep's avatar
Xcellent Skin - THXs
Lazy-K1dLNS's avatar
how do i use this theme?
Cappippuni's avatar
Probably the best skin available for Firefox 3.5!
Now, I use this skin on my browser!
The Apple graphics styles are unique!

A very great theme! Wow!:D
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nice works and looks perfect in ff 3.5.1
thnaks man good work
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I use the Mac OS X Theme version from GOLF-AT and I posted to him a report fom about bugs in the theme.
Maybe you also interested in it, because in your theme these bugs also exists: [link]
Find my comment posted 2009 Jul 03, 22:37

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Any plans on updating this to make it look more like Safari 4?

X should be on left side, Progress indicator on the right. The fonts on the tabs are way too small. The bookmark bar icon doesn't work.

Also, if you could, give us a "Lite" release where just the basics are changed. I'd prefer to use the Windows 7 scrollbar as it goes with the rest of the system.
This is one of the best themes. I would use it but there are a few very annoying imperfections:

1) The bookmarking windows in the location bar (with the yellow star) is too dark.

2) Some text gets cut off.

3) Some buttons are cut off below.

4) And worst of all, the menu transparency. Would be better without
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So beautiful :D
envoyzero's avatar
its a very nice theme but..
1. the fonts of the tabs r horrible :S
2. the icons on the bookmarkbar dont work

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Yeah, if somebody could give a short tut, that would be much appreciated :)
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If you mean installing, its pretty simple.

Okay, so let's say you downloaded the .jar file to your desktop and that Firefox is maximized.

Un-maximize Firefox so that the desktop is in view along with the file.

Next, navigate to tools -> add-ons -> themes

Click and Drag the .jar file to the themes panel, it will then ask you to verify install.

If its successful, it should say so, and then you simply restart firefox to apply the changes =)
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Forgot to mention, the skin applied successfully in the newest version (3.0.7).
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Thank you so much for your reply! That helped quite a bit :)

Nice work!
einfachnurbastian's avatar
Jup, I'm having some trouble with it...
Don't know what I did wrong, but it looks like this: [link]
Promatik, I hope you can help me because I absolutely love this skin! ;)
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Is anyone having trouble installing?
burnedpixel's avatar
very impressed good work keep it up
jpapollo's avatar
yeah sweet :)

now i just need a graphite version!
beacoN-of-liberty's avatar
how i can activate favicons in the linkbar? i used to save them without name, just the icon..

thats now a little problem, and i dont have the space for names :D

except of this, perfect. just what i wanted.
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which font are u using this theme? It looks very small. I think im using wrong font
Promatik's avatar
Hey BloodHoundGang
Try this one: Tahoma 16 :)
Excelente, pero prefiero la versión original, si el tamaño de la fuente de las pestañas fuera un punto más grande sería perfecto.


Excellent, but I prefer the original version, if the size of the font, in the tabs, were a larger point would be perfect.
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