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Yamada GMP


Baby steps into the world of 3d modeling.

Tons of help from… when it came to 3d modeling, texturing, lighting, materials, etc in Blender/Cycles.

Also, a lot of inspiration from the amazing works of…

Software used: Blender for model, Cycles for render, Photoshop for Post and Decals.

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Hello. Umm, i hope i wont offend you, but i think that this particular design needs reworking, as is it will be dangerous to shooter, and probably wont even fire.
Let me try to explain what i mean. Firstly - there is a reason why casings fall down on P-90, its because ejector is so close to shooter that if casings will be ejected sideways they will smack him right in the face.
And other thing is the ejector position on the gun. Its really too far than it should be. Normally the ejection window is at same spot where magazine is, cause casings have short time before they will be ejected by the bolt going backwards. In this case its high posibility that it will simply not eject at all. Sure, i guess you can come with some workaround, by why make it more complex ?
If a may, here is my suggestions on how to make it sustainable. Either put ejector closer to mag, or make mag longer, so that they allign, this is one option. Move ejector down isnt neccesery, its will still function, howewer shooter will be able to hold it only on one side, cause casings to the face.
Or there is another option - simply make it fire caseless ammunition and remove ejection port at all, you wont need it :)
Hope you dont mind my criticism, not hatin, just my thoughts, i really like the overall shape and stylization of the gun itself, and its description aswell.
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Thanks for the critique and I will keep it in mind for the future.

That said, this isn't meant to be an actual weapon and I will not fix it to make it more realistic -- because realism doesn't matter much to me or most of the audience that sees the weapon. I'm aiming more for a sort of general plausibility, a weapon that checks out at first glance but falls apart under intense scrutiny; and aesthetic decisions sometimes take over practical ones.

BTW -- I think that you would still need an ejection port on a caseless weapon to clear jams. The weapon is also fully ambidextrous.
Yeah, of course, no prob. Its your concept, you have right to do with it as you please, i respect that :)
As to ejection - i think maybe you are right, but on real life caseless weapons, like H&K G11 or LMG11 they are nowhere to be seen. At least with LMG 11 you can open your whole stock to get jammed round it seems. But when i think about something like that with G11 - yeeaaa, not the best of situations indeed. So on second thought maybe ejection port IS a good idea.
Anywhoo, thx for the reply, and i wish you luck with your endeavors. (Hope i said it right, English is not my native)
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Badass! This reminds me of my own design I'm currently working on, a satellite-guided assault rifle with a very high rate of fire.

Love the humorously dystopian cyberpunk flavor text too.
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Thanks man! I was hoping someone would notice the texts.
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Not a problem. This makes me wanna take up Blender again and actually model some of the guns I design.
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Very definitely taking baby steps in the right direction, well done bud...
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Thanks! I've actually finished another model since I've made this one, just haven't uploaded it yet.
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Awesome, I look forward to seeing it...
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Nice. how do you texture.
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That's a very vague question, man. Most of what you see is cycles PBR materials + a displacement map on the main body + a few label textures made in PS.
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yeah sorry. huh. my bad. 
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This is really awesome its very well designed and ergonomic. 
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Looks like a futuristic FN P90 Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] 
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Yep, that's what the design was inspired by.
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Looks fantastic, great renders!
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Thanks, means a lot coming from you!
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there has so many interesting detail, great modeling!
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holy shiz... do you actually sell this
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What do you mean?
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Good lord! This is one of the prettiest guns I've ever seen!
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