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In The Wreckage of the Tower...
It had been months since the Tower had fallen and the City had been retaken.
The Guardian scrabbled through the wreckage, digging, burrowing, searching, hoping against hope. He fractured a segment of stone, revealing a flickering blue and orange glow. Was it-? Could it be-?
It was! A heavily damaged Vault terminal, still somehow connected to enough power to maintain a tenuous connection to the digital and physical personal gear holds farther down inside what was once the shining beacon of the Last City's heroes.
His Ghost put their identification into the system while the Guardian did his best to enlarge the area around the half-wrecked terminal and reinforce the walls of rubble and ceiling of wreckage all around them. Eventually the Ghost pulled a stable connection from the twisted chaos of the old Towernet system running on the dregs of power still flowing through the circuits of the Wall, and the Guardian was satisfied they had enough space and security to complete the task they had
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Tree of Me by ProjectXA3 Tree of Me :iconprojectxa3:ProjectXA3 0 0 Minecraft Chess set, Cam4 render by ProjectXA3 Minecraft Chess set, Cam4 render :iconprojectxa3:ProjectXA3 4 7 Combat Armor by ProjectXA3 Combat Armor :iconprojectxa3:ProjectXA3 0 0 Wash Exasperated by ProjectXA3 Wash Exasperated :iconprojectxa3:ProjectXA3 5 4
Ah wonderous Spring nights, why must you vex me so, the fragrant breeze keeping my body burning awake, alive, thrumming with life, long after my mind would rather I just collapse, a heap along the ground.
"A pox upon Spring!" I would say, were Springtime not the most wonderful of seasons-- and if it did not have one already! May man one day find a way to give pollen allergies of its own!
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Xa3 no. 3 by ProjectXA3 Xa3 no. 3 :iconprojectxa3:ProjectXA3 1 0 How to MindF**k the Media by ProjectXA3 How to MindF**k the Media :iconprojectxa3:ProjectXA3 3 2 An Open Deviation to Jack Thompson by ProjectXA3 An Open Deviation to Jack Thompson :iconprojectxa3:ProjectXA3 3 7 Jaimeson Refrence Sheet- Rage Shields by ProjectXA3 Jaimeson Refrence Sheet- Rage Shields :iconprojectxa3:ProjectXA3 1 0 Down, but not Out by ProjectXA3 Down, but not Out :iconprojectxa3:ProjectXA3 1 7 Jaimeson's Rage Shields by ProjectXA3 Jaimeson's Rage Shields :iconprojectxa3:ProjectXA3 1 2
Things to do once I have my own place:
1)Have a TV in my room.
2)Have an Xbox in my room.
3)Realize that since it's my place, they're ALL "my" rooms.
4)Move TV and Xbox into living room.
5)Continue thinking of them as being in "my room".
6)Laugh maniacally.
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Penn and West by ProjectXA3 Penn and West :iconprojectxa3:ProjectXA3 3 17
Freelancer City Secret Agent Santa wishlist
>A filled-out version of Bushtuckapenguin's Freelancer Template for Agent Penn
>A filled-out version of Bushtuckapenguin's Freelancer Template for Agent West
>For fairness' sake (I'd imagine that those things are annoying and difficult and it'd be a lot easier for me to do it than another person), I'll add some more... reasonable... ones:
>Just about anything involving Penn kicking ass with... well, anyone really. Alone even, if that'd make it easier
>West, either being badass or looking it with either one katana and a pistol or his dual katanas
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This is the sort of crap I draw. I'm starting College soon, so I'll probably add stuff do there as well.


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Dva nsfw privew :iconkittew:Kittew 262 5
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Dva's Call :iconkittew:Kittew 2,121 38
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Not here Sister! Please! :iconsophiie93:Sophiie93 158 18
RWBY casual- Ladybug by LeRaphe RWBY casual- Ladybug :iconleraphe:LeRaphe 198 2
This is some of the things I like.



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Hey guys, I know I've been largely inactive for the longest time now, but what can I say, I've been doing less of my own art to upload to this place and I've been finding more fulfilling social interaction through gaming and-- shockingly-- real life via college. That, plus I've recently stumbled onto Tumblr, which is so much better than Facebook that I wouldn't go on there at all if I didn't have a gaming group that I'm actually interested in improving in spite of myself.

Still, I don't want any undue concern, and I do appreciate the support over the years so I figure I'll at least clue you guys in on what I've been up to all this time as if they care no shut up, you, positive self image! people care what I think, all that crap Erherm, sorry about that, still working on that whole part, but I'm making progress.

ANYway, yeah, I'm getting into my next-to-last semester at college, and I think I'm starting to get the swing of it. That's at least one semester earlier than I caught ahold of High School, so I'm improving! I've got a real wacky schedule this year, but in return I've got nearly all the classes I want/need this time around! Painting class for art-major credits, looks pretty good.

As far as personal projects go, I think I'm gonna actually make some strong progress in fabricating this scrapyard armor I've been toying around with the idea of since before Freshman year, and I'm currently in the process of retrofitting a few of my Red vs Blue OCs for transfer into the RWBYverse. So far I've got Jaimeson set as the lead on a Beacon team comprised of him and three new characters made up to fill the rest of the roster. I've got weapons for all of them, but no names for the rest of them and no first name for Jaimeson to fit Monty's naming rules. I *do* however have the name of the team: JSPR ("jasper"), a type of rock that can be red, blue, green, yellow, or brown. So far I know that Jaimeson will be the J, and take up both the red and green slots, and P will be blue and probably have a name based off of perywinkle. S and R I don't know about, because while I know for certain what weapons the group will use, other than Jaimeson's I can't really see what colors they'd work best in. I might be uploading some of that material sometime in this semester. No outfits, either, but I've actually just started on what could be Jaimeson's top half, and I'm pretty sure that either Yellow or Brown will wind up wearing a duster.

Incidentally, if any of y'all know or can think of a word that starts with R and means, translates to, or makes you think of the color brown or yellow, I'd really appreciate it if you could throw me a bone.
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Hey, to all my friends with Freelancer OCs, I got an idea for a story prompt. Here goes:

Your Freelancer is dead. The final curtain. Dead as a doornail, as the phrase goes. Or maybe not, maybe they're just done with the whole deal, fed up with the war or just plain unable to go on. Whatever the case, your Freelancer is done. Dead, quit, it doesn't matter. They ain't a fighter any more. That's it. The final curtain. But what happened?

Was it fighting against impossible odds? Holding the line so their comrades could live another day? Dead or injured beyond repair, leaving them either mentally or physically broken?

Or did they succumb to the inner demons? Break a code of honor or just plain break under the stresses and torment of war?

I know how my own Agent Pennsylvania would go out, but if you could choose a way for your own to leave, what would it be?

Not necessarily personal canon, of course. This doesn't have to be how they go out "for real" if you ever do want to nail that door shut on their story.

Oh EEEEE, responses!

"Till Death Do Us Part" by :iconxephiliomia:

"Someday I'll Go Where There Ain't No Rain Or Snow" by :iconaurorablix:

AAAND another!
"Alaskan Sunset" by :iconfallen-warrior1023:
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Billy Burgess
United States
Hey to all deviants of all shapes, sizes, and ages! I'm entering College-freshman year as an art sutdent in Pennsylvania. Once I start, I'll probably post some of my stuff on here, if it's good enough for the global community to gawk at it.
Here's my
>fav wiki:…
>NG profile:
Also, just for the sake of truth, the birthday this site lists is complete crap.
(these are for my use)
School blog:…
Art class Wiki:…

Best. Euphenism. Ever.…
Halo: Reach how it's made:……

Current Residence: Philly
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Operating System: PC, Windows (Windows XP, if you can believe it :( )
MP3 player of choice: Crappy Coby combo. MP3& USB
Favourite cartoon character: Samurai Jack


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