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Vocaloid IA Shimeji

Vocaloid IA shimeji!!

A small, awkward IA appears!
I hope you enjoy Shimeji!IA as much as I did making her! :dummy:

UPDATE: An alternate .rar version here due to popular request.

For some reason, there is noise (bits of white) during some of IA's movements. I am not sure what causes it (I've checked each of the files and they are clean) so any suggestions are much appreciated.

If you have any problems running the shimeji that isn't listed below, please state your problem in detail as well as your operating system.

How to use:

1. Just download and unzip the .zip file.
2. Run Shimeji-ee.exe
3. Let a small, awkward IA invade your desktop!

:bulletblack:You’ll need the latest version of Java installed to run shimeji-ee. You can go here to check your current version and download the latest one if needed.

:bulletblack:For Windows 7 x64 users, please run “Shimeji-ee.vbs” instead of “Shimeji-ee.exe”

:bulletblack:..I am not sure if it works on Macs/Linux, I am sorry.

Artwork © Nichol CLH .//projectTiGER 2012
Vocaloid IA -Aria on the Planetes- © 1st PLACE
Shimeji © group-finity [link]
English Enhanced version © Relic [link]

Other Shimejis:
© 2012 - 2021 projectTiGER
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How do I label them correctly? I mean, they be cute little wholesomes but, I want to input them to my img folder. Any help?

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aBsolUtELY beAUTifUL AAAAAAAAAa <333333333
AmarantaYuuki's avatar
Oh my gosh I've been looking for this little IA since I got my new computer XD
cashaiki's avatar
como haces para que no se pixele el dibujo es que yo lo intento con sai pero me sale pixeleado

miss-sparkle-justice's avatar
it has no download link
CelticCapricorn9945's avatar
dl'd thank you so much for sharing
firebreather2536's avatar
does having multiple screens affect it?
I'm running the vbs file on w7 x64 and nothing's showing up
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Is there a reason why I can't get IA to work with Rin and Len? I put her image folder into the img folder but whenever I try to get her to appear with Rin and Len I get an error. Rin and Len work fine but I can't think of a reason why she won't work with them. Does it have something to do with the coding? If so could you tell me how to change it so they can work together?
XRRoy's avatar
HMM what is this? I gotta try :D
Liz-Fitzgerald's avatar
I got it!
Ohmygosh, they're absolutely adorable!!
miguel5613's avatar
e nesesito ayuda por que no encuentro mi creacion cuando busco shimeji n el buscador este es el mio :…
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I keep getting an error message Q^Q I've downloaded but then it refuses to work. It says "failed to load configuration files" Q^Q I don't even know what that means
Alright to fix that Configuration file, open the Shimeji-ee.exe file directly from the folder with the character in it. You have to open each shimeji individually but it works.
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Just wondering, do you requests? ;u;
Tehonlyme's avatar
how do you get your lines so smooth on small images? 
FNaF-MLP-00's avatar
Heya, do you do requests?
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Which link take's me to the download?
cuddlyrockstar's avatar
this is all it says There is no application set to open the document “Shimeji-ee.vbs”.
Killer-P-anda's avatar
Rar files.
Im sure u probably figured out by now
cuddlyrockstar's avatar
how do you open it though?
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