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One More Time

For  Hizuruさん's new song, "One More Time"! 

It's a v catchy song imo, you can check it out here!! 
NND |  Youtube
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HildaSaikixFuuWhite's avatar
Ooh, the pic is very impressive ^_^!

And everyone looks so adorable, too :3!
HansCampanella's avatar
:iconpokemonlovelivefan99:, Check this out :).
HildaSaikixFuuWhite's avatar
Thanks for the mention, May-kun :highfive:!

It's a very impressive pic x3!
HansCampanella's avatar
You're welcome ^^ And agreed
mahaleht's avatar
My god! So wonderful! ;3; Did you draw the characters in only one layer? Cuz it has that effect <'3 Anyways...AMAZING! Follow you since 2015~
Miss-Mae's avatar
I forever love your art! Your drawings are always so colourful and beautiful! <3
aayari's avatar
Amazingg as always! My favourite thing is how everyone has different shaped pupils but luka dosen't have any.. She's soulless... Staring into the void..
amrlurl's avatar
d *v* b
HimeMacarroni's avatar
LostbunniesofWendy's avatar
I so love how they look! So cute!
pancakeartist4000's avatar
I heard that song before and it was amazing I kept listening to it over and over again
hen-tie's avatar
tiggerrr, happy to see your kawaii kakkoii art in my inbox again :iconloveloveplz:
LegolasGimli's avatar
BebeCool's avatar
gooooooood i missed your art a lot ; v; 
and this is sooo cute 

*runs to the song you suggested, as usual* 
UsagiYogurt's avatar
So cute seeing them all together.
MLBlue's avatar
Your drawing style is super cute!
TefuAni's avatar
wakuwalt7's avatar
Marcotonio-desu's avatar
Aw, lovely song, it's been so long since I've listened to anything with whisper-Miku... Really cool seeing you putting your illustrations up for songs.

Rin's face is my favorite here! And the colors... as always, delicious. :3
Luka's cheek is a bit out of place, maybe it's just a matter of centering the chin more.
blairthewitchcat's avatar
This looks adorable!
SquishyCatz's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous!! The colors are so vivid and lifelike!!
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