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Heartless Kat by FuntimeError887 Heartless Kat :iconfuntimeerror887:FuntimeError887 2 2 Which OC hairstyle?? by HollieDrawsxX Which OC hairstyle?? :iconholliedrawsxx:HollieDrawsxX 1 0
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Sobre Amanda*eu*

Antes de apresentar meus OCs estarei me apresentando ;P
Design:Cabelos curtos,despenteados e castanhas.Um casaco azul com mangas para cima.E só pra completar bermuda e tênis simples.
Personalidade:Amanda"eu" por ser a criadora do seu mundo ela"eu" é bastante  responsável,mas ainda sim consegue tempo para se divertir com seus"meus" personagens,irmã mais nova,primo e prima casula.
Curiosidades:Amanda'eu" é a unica que pode ir ao branco(a parte vazia,ao longo que falar a historia vcs iram entender) de seu mundo.Ela"eu" também possui um livro que contém toda a sua fonte de poder(acho que muitos já devem estar pensando que sem o livro que contém toda a fonte de poder da Amanda"eu",ela"eu" não terá seus poderes até estar com seu"meu" livro novamente)
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Chad X Stark
Chad X Stark
i would like to thank the amazing  imaginethat-peepshow for writing this hopefully people gets interested in this ship.
Chad and Starrk would make a good couple. They’re both so quiet, there would be a lot unspoken between them. From the outside they might not seem particularly close or lovey-dovey, but there’s more than meets the eye. They have a lot in common with how they communicate. So it’s easy to read each others’ intentions and not misunderstand. A lot of that communication would be physical gestures, like holding hands or a light touch on the arm. It would be one of those low and slow smolder kind of relationships.
Chad isn’t a particularly high energy guy, but he’s still a lot more energetic than Starrk. But I don’t think that would be a deal breaker. Chad would be good with Lilynette, and the two could hang out together when Starrk was too tired to keep up.
Chad would be Starks favorite pillow sleep on.
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Ska Greenarch Floor Plan by skagreenarch Ska Greenarch Floor Plan :iconskagreenarch:skagreenarch 0 0 Ajnara London Square Location Map by londonsquarevilla Ajnara London Square Location Map :iconlondonsquarevilla:londonsquarevilla 0 0
Need Help For My Fangame
Hey Guys, Its Me Mango. i need musicians animators(for cutscenes) and artists for my fangame sonic time trail if you think you got the skills message me on discord or on my email Danielgrimland333. thanks.
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Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue Floor Plans by samridhiluxuriya Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue Floor Plans :iconsamridhiluxuriya:samridhiluxuriya 0 0 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!   by nick-currie AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! :iconnick-currie:nick-currie 0 0
Fairy Butterflix Tihana Character Bio
Name: Tihana
Role: fairy Butterflix
Physical description: royal blue long hair, olive eyes, light skin
Fairy description Butterflix dress: burnt orange dress color, flame orange wings color, with crimson red border
Element: burnt sunset
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This is for last of the rael 1 thumbneil contest by lunawolfgirl112 This is for last of the rael 1 thumbneil contest :iconlunawolfgirl112:lunawolfgirl112 1 0 Character for Community  by Realijitaro Character for Community :iconrealijitaro:Realijitaro 2 0 Please help by CarefulimAJinx Please help :iconcarefulimajinx:CarefulimAJinx 0 0 Original laundry by adammaulana31 Original laundry :iconadammaulana31:adammaulana31 1 0