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Pastel Unircorn open Collab Sketch by Laupsty7u7 Pastel Unircorn open Collab Sketch :iconlaupsty7u7:Laupsty7u7 4 0
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George the opelle quest 1
Username: Zigoui
Opelle: George O009
Quest #: A1
This morning, george whent to the Help board even if there was ususaly nothing, but today he saw a single little paper asking for help to find a stuffed dragon. Without hesitation, he went to see the one requesting help to ask him a few questions. He asked:
-Where do you think you lost it?
-Somewhere in the woods i think, answered the opelle.
-Perfect then, I'll go and find it.
-Thank you so much!
And so he went in direction of the forest. It was a beautyfull forest full of threes and little signing birds. With is crow Bert by his side, he could see not only from the cround but could also know if it wew stuck in a three.
-Hey bert! Do you see something from up there, asked george?
- Caw Caw (Not at all).
- Tell me if you do!
- Caaaw (I knooow).
So they continud walking and walking within that peacefull place full of life. There was bunnies running and butterflies flying almost dancing in the air. And then, they saw it! A little plush tai
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Happy Father's Day by SamFromBuffalo Happy Father's Day :iconsamfrombuffalo:SamFromBuffalo 0 0 Flowers (DA 17 birthday) by Bel-Star Flowers (DA 17 birthday) :iconbel-star:Bel-Star 3 0 Business-money-pink-coins by davidbaileysm Business-money-pink-coins :icondavidbaileysm:davidbaileysm 0 0 Make money online premium rate number telecom by telecomincome Make money online premium rate number telecom :icontelecomincome:telecomincome 0 0 Why Engage your Community Online by engagementhub Why Engage your Community Online :iconengagementhub:engagementhub 1 0 Laptop-hp-elitebook-8570p-cu-core-i5-3320m-4gb-250 by laptopdellcuhoangtun Laptop-hp-elitebook-8570p-cu-core-i5-3320m-4gb-250 :iconlaptopdellcuhoangtun:laptopdellcuhoangtun 1 0 Mi girlfriend by RobMarruffo Mi girlfriend :iconrobmarruffo:RobMarruffo 1 0
opening theme
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Streaming-media-technology-multimedia-concept-crea by KyleMills123 Streaming-media-technology-multimedia-concept-crea :iconkylemills123:KyleMills123 0 0
Tagged: 8 Facts About Plutusa the Rich
I was tagged by :LOVESVTFOE:
1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other people with there character/oc's next to there username
Plutusa Butterfly
1. When she really likes something her eyes and cheekmarks turn white and start glowing.
2. When she feels extreme sadness her cheekmarks turn blue(the sadder she is, the darker her cheekmarks). For example, when Dominic died her cheekmarks were turquoise, and when Space left for Elfendor her cheeks were indigo and when Space died her cheeks where completely black(one of her ladies in wating said her cheeks where so black she could see her reflection on them).
3. She had a very good relationship with Dominic. She once wrote in her diary "I pray to Celestia that Solisa and Dominic never split, for it would upset me far too much."
4. A lot of people were in love with her.
5. She shares the rank of best husband-wife relationship with her descendant Planetia the Harvester.
6. On her wedding day she and Spa
:iconcharflyno1:Charflyno1 2 3
I shall always be loved by Sailahari I shall always be loved :iconsailahari:Sailahari 0 0 PCD Based Pharma Company by hcareindia PCD Based Pharma Company :iconhcareindia:hcareindia 0 0 thailand wedding by dreamasiaweddings thailand wedding :icondreamasiaweddings:dreamasiaweddings 1 0 Valentine edit by Flowercakeyt Valentine edit :iconflowercakeyt:Flowercakeyt 2 0
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