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My Bio

I'm a 22 year old art student trying to get better at drawing, and writing too of course! I have so many stories I want to tell, I feel like telling them is the only way the world can get to know me for who I am and how I really think and feel. Critique is always welcome! I do mostly digital art but I can do traditional as well and I have a set of markers I neglect. I'm a fan of animation and I would like to learn to do some simple ones sometime in the future. I want to either be an artist, a chef, vet or a nurse for my career. I have health problems so I post art slowly. I am vision and hearing impaired.

I love drawing together with my friends. I like lots of different cartoons and books, I don't watch movies very much but there are some I like. It's difficult for me to concentrate on them, my mind wanders off into a daydream. I play video games as well, customize dolls, crochet, and sew in my free time. If you wanna be friends, just seen me a friend request on Discord. Chicken Mama Loves You#9615

My favorite things to draw are my OCs, fanart of the things I enjoy, Pandas, Unicorns, Bunnies, Cats, Doves, Peacocks, Deer, Puppies, Flamingos, Manatees, Dolphins, Dragons, Llamas, Narwhals, Elephants, Horses, Squids, Octopuses, Owls, Corgis, Magical Girls & Boys, Frogs, Sweet Foods, Aliens, Mermaids, Cyclopes, Elves Witches, Gods, Goddesses, Demons, Robots, Rainbows, Angels, Fairies, Cloud People, Sparkles, and other made up creatures! I'm bad at drawing plants, backgrounds, and highly mechanical devices and mecha.

I do not do commissions or requests. Art trades are for close friends only.

My interests do so include...

Favourite Visual Artist
Beverlie Manson/Dr. Seuss
Favourite Movies
Coraline, Beetlejuice, Repo!, Chronicle, Annihilation, Moana, Joker, Spirited Away, Summer Wars, The Incredibles, etc...
Favourite TV Shows
Winx Club, PMMM, MLP, JJBA, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, The Powerpuff Girls, Panty & Stocking, Devilman, etc…
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
And One, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, David Bowie, Kikuo, Kero Kero Bonito, Queen, Led Zeppelin, RUSH, Eminem, Metallica, Pink Floyd, etc…
Favourite Books
The Golem and the Jinni, Dissolving Classroom, Grimm's Complete Fairytales, ext...
Favourite Writers
Junji Ito, H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, etc...
Favourite Games
Animal Crossing, Fantasy Life, Pokemon, SATCM, Terraria, GTA, Fallout, Saint's Row, Stardew Valley, Spyro, Bayonetta, etc…
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch/3DS/PC
Tools of the Trade
A custom built illustration and editing PC, a Wacom One, assorted sketchbooks and journals, Prismacolor colored pencils and rainbow markers!
Other Interests
Repainting dolls, making plushies, crocheting, Tie-Dye, sewing, general crafting, LGBTQ+/Anticult/Animal Rights/Egalitarian Activism, and dressing in Harajuku Decora fashion.

Five commission slots open!

Five commission slots open!

Hello! I am opening my commissions temporarily for only five slots. I'm not really experienced at doing them so I guess this is a test run to see if I can keep up with them and not be stressed and if people even want my art for their own at all. I greatly appreciate any of my potential commissioners greatly! These are going to be flat rate commissions as I do not have a commission sheet right now! They will be 15$ USD (via Paypal) for a full color completed illustration with a background. It can contain a maximum of three full body characters but you can have whatever you like. Just a background painting, chibi, normal, group poses. I am not skilled at drawing non Human anatomy but I will always work hard to make you the best product. If you want a commission you can claim a slot here or note me with references. Whichever you prefer. Thank you very much. You help me a lot with commissioning me or sharing this journal. You can see recent art of mine in my gallery. <3
All of my old art has been reposted so no more art spam. I will post new art as I make it.

It's my birthday today you guys!

It's my birthday today you guys!

Someone has told me Deviant Art doesn't remind you about birthdays anymore so I am reminding you myself! Wish me a happy birthday! I'm twenty two today! I'm ooooolllldddd!

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Thank you for the llama badge!

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Thanks for the fav ^^

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Thanks for the llama, I appreciate it. As a reward, here's a caricature of Stephen King.

Stephen King
ProjectLullabyStudent Digital Artist

Thank you. <3

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You're welcome, I hope you liked my drawing.