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~~~To-Do List:~~~

Kidlet's To Do List

:star: Commissions :star:

RiskellionGamble -Ref of Risk

:star: Stuff I owe to people :star:
:bulletgreen: none :bulletgreen:

:star: Art Trades I owe :star:
:bulletgreen: none :bulletgreen:

:star: other stuff that has to be done :star:
:bulletblue: Continue my Art war with :iconhierophant:
:bulletblue: Throw random art at people because I can


Smeet Pixel Pods
Adorable custom Smeet pods for all of you invaderzim fans.

give me your oc and see what kind of Pod I'd put their baby forms in. Or if you already have an idea and just need me to make it, that works too.
Still Icons
Tiny icons of your favorite Character/ OC *No Movement*
Blinking Icons
Small blinking icon, eyes blinking 50x50 canvas. (As well as a 100x100 for those of you on FA)

Can be done in both digital and pixel.
Bottle Icons
Tiny Bottle icons done on 50x50 canvas. Floaty movement action...
Static Pixels
Static Pixels of your FC/OC in 150x150 canvas
Crayon Page Dolls
Adorable crayon style page dolls done in 300x300 canvas with both blinking eyes and some floaty action behind them. If they have a tail you can request movement on that too.
Pixel Glass Bottle
Tiny pixel glass bottle (or any choice of glass) in 150x150 canvas.

(I can fit two in a bottle, though it will cost you $2.00 more for the extra character)
Simple Bouncies
These are for the more humanoid/soft clothing bouncies with both blinking and bouncy motion.
Super Detailed Bouncies
For the more armored and complex bouncies, Depending on your OC/FC if they have eyes they'll receive a blinking motion unless you specifically ask for something.
Fish Bowls
Any water creature I'll attempt to do, though you'll have to provide a ref in case you want to convert one of your bbies into Fishbois. Inside a bowl with both fin movements and water movement.
Ghost Bouncies
Tiny ghost bouncies, with cute heart beat action <3

Got A New 3DS Gimme your friend code people! 

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4:37 am
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Emergency Commissions

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 28, 2019, 4:20 PM
So at the moment, My beautiful Laptop is currently experiencing some problems. About a month ago I noticed some of the buttons on the bottom left have had trouble being pressed and when I was laying on my side as I closed my laptop.

I finally noticed it... one side was slightly more raised than the other side.

I looked through forums about this problem and turns out the battery compartment is located on the bottom left. And its starting to inflate...

Thankfully I do have it under warranty... the problem is they told me it be mailed to MSI company and stay there for like 3 weeks to a month.

Which means I will need a temporary laptop computer.

But I'm still willing to use this laptop until I can send it for repairs... luckily the guy at best buy said it doesnt look like it could blow on me any time soon. Just the only problems with it so far is just... the buttons not responding and anytime I move it... it just... goes into sleep mode.

Anyways I slashed my commissions prices by 5 dollars... so please consider buying.

New Canvas by ProjectHalfbreed

Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlueIconsBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue
Bullet; PurpleStill Icons - $5

Bullet; PurpleBlinking Icons - $8

Bullet; Purple Bottle Icons - $10
Kid-bottle-smeet-Icon by ProjectHalfbreed Zel-Icon-bottle by ProjectHalfbreed Icl by ProjectHalfbreed

Bullet; PurpleStatic Pixels  - $8

Static Pixel Commission_-_ Lira by ProjectHalfbreed Slenderman static pixel by ProjectHalfbreed Gift Art _-_Bihaan by ProjectHalfbreed

Crayon Page dolls - $8 (Buy 2 and get them for $15)
Crayon-boi Page Doll by ProjectHalfbreed Miyuki_-_Crayon Page doll by ProjectHalfbreed

Bullet; PurplePixel Glass bottles - $12 (I can fit two in a bottle, though it will cost you a dollar more for the extra character)
Commission_-_Cuddlesandhuggles bottle by ProjectHalfbreed Gentry-bottle by ProjectHalfbreedCommission_-_ Rainbow bottle by ProjectHalfbreed Bottle Commission_-_ Zerna - Hourglass-Zeith by ProjectHalfbreed Valentine Heart Bottle by ProjectHalfbreed

Bullet; Purple Simple Bouncy (Non-armored/non-detailed) - $15 (Buy 2 and get them for $25)

Bullet; Purple Super Detailed Bouncies (Armored/Super Detailed) - $20 (Buy 2 and get them for $35.)

Bullet; Purple Fish Bowls - $20  Any water creature I'll attempt to do, though you'll have to provide a ref in case you want to convert one of your bbies into Fishbois.

Examples = Gift Art_-_ Merken Noah by ProjectHalfbreed Merken-Teivol in a bowl by ProjectHalfbreed

Bullet; PurpleGhost Bouncies - $25 (Buy 2 and get them for $45)
Ghost Bouncy_-_ Kawek Kid by ProjectHalfbreed Pixel Commission_-_ Noah by ProjectHalfbreed Heart Bouncy Commission_-_ Mothertale Demi by ProjectHalfbreed Ghost bouncy Commission_-_Whiteout by ProjectHalfbreed Dragon Bouncy Commission by ProjectHalfbreed

The only change is that of my digital art, my pixel art still stays the same price...

 Though there are some deals in place...

Anyways if you cant buy any art, do please spread the word. I really dont want to be out of a laptop... after all its my only way of communicating with people as well as doing my commissions and such.

Thank you.

Commission Slots

1. :iconbearsandbaubles: 2 icons (one still, one blinky) and 1 Bottle Pixel.


:icontoxicmelon::icontoxicmelon::icontoxicmelon::icontoxicmelon::icontoxicmelon::icontoxicmelon::icontoxicmelon: :iconletmehugyouplz: :iconcryforeverplz: < (proud mama tears!)

Behold! My precious smeet! Anyways the lovely dear is selling some preorder Acrylic charms of Zim and Dib

Please support her and buy some, I already bought both cuz I need these two to be sported on my bag.

If you cant buy I do ask that you spread the word! Come on and help out your fellow artists!

When you are stuck at the dentist for the 4th day in a row.... Fffff I just want these filling done so I can get ready yo munch through endless amounts of candy.



Name: ProjectHalfbreed
AKA: Kiddo, Kidlet, Kidling, Kiddles, the database, Crack Queen, The shipping Queen, Halfbreed Betch (<-Duo gave me that one), Kid-nugget (given to me by Zerna) Kidbean, kiddles the Kid, The coffee Zombie. Cackling She-demon (given by The-Gij)
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Panromantic
Nationality: Mexican American
Height: 5'6
Location: U.S.


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Thanks for the watch and keep up the great work!~
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RadioDemonDust Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I'm surprised ya watched me ya draw so good!~ ovo
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Your newest pic, of Tallest Red and Purple came in my feed and I decided on checking you out XD

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Love your pixel work! 
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