Polymer Clay Secrets Revealed!

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This article is part of projecteducate's second Community Week, please don't forget to check the rest of the articles and the contest happening this week! If you have any questions about polymer clay or this article please don't hesitate to ask.

From time to time polymer clay neophytes ask me what tips I can give them to help them improve their craft. In my previous article I already wrote about what kind of clays, tools and techniques can be used, but materials can only take you so far. Although they are helpful, I've seen people creating masterpieces with nothing but homemade clay and practically no tools. After all, clay, tools and resources don't create a masterpiece, you do.

I realized eventually that there's three invaluable and essential things you'll need if you want to succeed as a polymer clay artist. In fact, I think they're needed for all forms of art:


... the patience to try and try again, in different ways, with different techniques, despite defeat and frustration, until your work is just right.

Waffles with Butter and Syrup by monsterkookies Strawberry Waffles by monsterkookies
The Most Important Meal... by monsterkookies Mmmm Strawberry WAFFLES by monsterkookies NAKED Waffles by monsterkookies

...the patience to work on something for hours, days, and don't let go until it's perfect.

Flowers for dolls by graycat-j dollhouse miniature swan cream puff 2 by PetiteCreation 06 Spring Fairy sculpture ooak, 1 inch head by Rosen-Garden

...the patience to practice, practice and practice. Believe me, there's no shortcut here.

:thumb280957209: Sushi Earrings by KawaiiCulture Nothing is true... by tishaia


... love for the medium.

'Red flover' by vasoiko Blossomed Blue Heart by colourful-blossom Valentine Shortbread Cookies by quaint-dame

... love for your own work.

Valentine's Cookies by thinkpastel Human Heart Necklace by Divulged

... love for the community.


Thinking Outside of the Box

... to see a new tool, a new technique, a potential masterpiece all around you.

Fun Tip Friday #1 by SmallCreationsByMel Polymer Clay Bowl Tutorial by chat-noir Skin Texture Tutorial by EvanCampbell

... to boldly try something new, and create what no one has created before.

OOAK Peacock Necklace by CreativeCritters My Heart Ticks 3 by monsterkookies 'Aida' ooak mermaid by AmandaKathryn

... to find inspiration everywhere.

Dios by by-Julia Miniature red tailed hawk by AnyaStone Rosarium iPhone 4S Case 1 by Necrosarium Dessert by OrionaJewelry Rapunzel Jewelry Box by ArteDiAmore Miniature Pie Slice Necklaces by lessthan3chrissy Lily pond necklace by Kurenai87 Schecter ZV Special by alexskyline Fans - brooches by Laurefin-Estelinion Miniature Snowmints by MrsCreosote

Master these three, and you will master polymer clay. But above all, have fun with your clay! This is the best tip I can give you, have fun!

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Thank you so much for including my peacock necklace in your article! I'm honored to have my work alongside all these wonderful pieces :)