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So, you want to learn how to Vector?

Getting started with Vectors is simple, and SO much fun!  You'll need a few basics, so let's make a checklist:

1)  Willingness to learn?  CHECK!
2)  Creativity?  CHECK!
3)  Desire to be able to infinitely scale your work?  CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!

Alrighty then, let's get down to some basics!

First thing you'll need is a Vector program or a program capable of Vectors.  There are quite a few programs out there, but the most popular are Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape and Photoshop. Yep, Photoshop IS capable of making Vectors!

Program software for Illustrator and Photoshop can be expensive, followed closely by the cost of CorelDRAW, but these programs are the most used in the industry of Vector Graphics.  However, if cost is an issue, Inkscape is a fantastic FREE program that is constantly being updated and upgraded, giving you all the tools you need to create stunning Vector graphics at no cost to you!

Tools of the Trade:

Whichever program you choose to use, the basic tools are pretty much the same.  There are the Pentool, Bezier tool, shape tools, freehand tools, and much more.  The BEST way to learn to Vector is to jump right in and start learning to use the tools.  Get the feel for how they work and how to use them to create what you have in mind.  If you get stuck with how something works, there are many avenues of help available to you, not only here on dA, but lots of other places....

Tutorials, Resources and Stock...Oh My!

Tutorials can be found in a few different forms, from live streams to written step-by-step instructions.  On dA there is a whole section of Vector Tutorials waiting for you to explore, you can even narrow down your search to specific program tutorials! There are also many Vector Vector elements, textures and more for you to use. Just make sure to credit the original artist if you use these! :la:  And don't forget about the thousands of Stock Images that you can use for inspiration to your heart's content!  dA is FULL of awesome Vector help!

There are also many websites outside of dA that feature nothing but Vector Tutorials.  To name just a few...
Vector Tuts+
YouTube - Search for 'Vector Tutorials' and see what pops up!
and many, MANY more...just do a Google search for 'Vector Tutorials and browse away!

Vector Groups

Another great way to get started with Vectors is to join some of the many Vector groups to be found on dA!  There are so many awesome groups that I can't possibly list them all here, but I will name a few to get you started...if you still want more, then search dA's Groups for Vector and be amazed at the list that comes up!  
Here's a few to get you going:
:iconvector-artists:, :iconvector-vexel-elite:, :iconvexelove:, :iconvectorink:, :iconcoreldraw-vectorists:, :iconvectors-unite:, :iconvector-central:, :iconai-resources: and so many more!!

Need more help?

I'm more than happy to help people who are just getting started with Vectors. Feel free to drop me a note and ask questions.  I don't know a great deal about Illustrator, I use CorelDRAW as my weapon of choice, since this is what I use in my day job :)  But if I can't find the answer myself, I can probably refer you to someone who would know.  But the basics are pretty much the same from program to program...the pen tool works the same in Illustrator as it does in CorelDRAW or InkScape, so chances are, I can help get you started at least :)

But the most important part of learning to Vector is to jump in and give it a try!! Don't be disheartened if you find it a little more complicated than you imagined it would be.  The more you play around with the tools, the more comfortable you will become with them, and after a while it will become second nature to draw something using the Pentool and you'll wonder how you ever did without it!  Vectoring IS worth the effort, and the amount of time you put into learning how to Vector will definitely be worth the effort, because Vectors are awesome!! :love:

Thanks for your time today!
Until tomorrow...
:love: and :hug:

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