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Fan Art Feature: Movies, TV, Books, Games, Anime/Manga
Project Educate: Community Week
Featured by RTNightmare

Before I begin the feature, I’d just like you to know why I picked certain pieces. Some of the art may have been popular, but it really caught my eye, so I chose it. Sometimes, a simple piece conveyed a special message to me. And finally, sometimes there wasn’t all that big of a selection, so I chose the ones I liked from what there was. They are still great works, though, so I don’t think I’m selling them short. Now, let’s go…



A Monster in Paris:

Francoeur+Lucille Ange de la Misericorde by JasmineAlexandra
La Seine by wallabri
La Seine by perditionist
Deviants Featured: SeaGerdy, JasmineAlexandra, wallabri, & perditionist

The Lorax 2012:
titles fail me by CatnipPacket
How bad can I possibly be? by JabbymDoodles
How bad can this possibly be by Elixirmy
Thneeds: The Designing by Mimint
Deviants Featured: CatnipPacket, JabbymDoodles, Elixirmy, & Mimint


Live Action

Hugo by smitth
Isabelle Smiles by ashlinglily
Coeur Volant by bluefootednewt
Deviants Featured: smitth, ashlinglily, SuperPalits, & bluefootednewt

The Hunger Games:
The Hunger Games by Patsie
The Hunger Games by palnk
The Hunger Games by daniellesylvan
The Hunger Games by joshcmartin
Deviants Featured: Patsie, palnk, daniellesylvan, & joshcmartin



Cartoon Network

Adventure Time:

Adventure Time by ShugarSketch
Adventure Time by Montygog
Deviants Featured: maroonracoon, VivzMind, ShugarSketch, & Montygog


Legend of Korra:
Avatar Korra by Blue-Ten
Korra by DjWelch
Avatar Korra by Yunyin
Korra by Drunken-Novice
Deviants Featured: Blue-Ten, :devdarkkenjie:, Yunyin & Drunken-Novice


Fox Studios & Lucasfilm

Star Wars:
Star Wars Tales by UdonCrew
Star Wars Anakin and Ahsoka by TereseNielsen
star wars - by ashasylum
Deviants Featured: UdonCrew,  TereseNielsen, ashasylum, & jamga

Warner Bros. Television & Chuck Lorre Production

Big Bang Theory:
the Big Bang Theory by kinkei
The Big Bang Theory by xochiltana
The Big Bang Theory by LeftHandedMutant
The big bang theory by WALHH
Deviants Featured: kinkei, xochiltana, LeftHandedMutant, & WALHH




Harry Potter:
Harry Potter Color by RobertAtkins
Harry Potter by ElectroCereal
harry potter by aramismarron
Harry Potter VS the Horntail by JoniGodoy
Deviants Featured:  RobertAtkins, burninflamezcrew, aramismarron, & JoniGodoy

Skulduggery Pleasant:
Skulduggery Pleasant by TheVooDooFish
Skulduggery Pleasant Comic by sylvandotnet

Deviants Featured: TheVooDooFish, sylvandotnet, frostious, EmmyIsAZebra



In Cold Blood:
The End by LikeAnOpenBook
In Cold Blood by olymbos01
In Cold Blood by UntitledMentality
Deviants Featured: LikeAnOpenBook, Twoface1077, olymbos01, & UntitledMentality

Of Mice and Men:
Of Mice And Men by cemmodore
Of Mice and Men by Teaessare
Of Mice And Men by RinkyDink
Mice and Men by Keh-ven
Deviants Featured: cemmodore, Teaessare, RinkyDink, & Keh-ven




Pokemon by epe-tohri
Pokemon BLUE by Jeneko
Deviants Featured: kuro-mai, epe-tohri, handrewx, & Jeneko

Legend of Zelda:
the Legend of Zelda by theCHAMBA
The Legend of Zelda by kowan

Deviants Featured: theCHAMBA, kowan, Lavah, & Noiry



Dance Dance Revolution:
Alice - the path of music by ancode
DDR EMI by AzureHua
Too Much CRAZY LOVE... by Fairy-Red-Hime
Deviants Featured: ancode, Holylibelle, AzureHua, & Fairy-Red-Hime

Disney Sing It:
Hannah Montana - Miley Cyrus by Weehe
selena gomez by blastedgoose

Black Eyed Peas by Haychel
Deviants Featured:  Weehe, blastedgoose, cold-angle, & Haychel




naruto by alemars
NARUTO by Quirkilicious
Naruto: Naruto Portrait by Risachantag
Uzumaki Naruto by cuson
Deviants Featured: alemars, Quirkilicious, Risachantag, & cuson

Inuyasha by nuriko-kun
Commission - Inuyasha by sapphireluna
Together at last by YuzuHane
Inuyasha : New Moon by roryalice
Deviants Featured: nuriko-kun, sapphireluna, YuzuHane, & roryalice



The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzamiya:

TMOHS: Maid Mikuru by BlissSlyOne
Mikuru Asahina-colored by Rena-Muffin
Haruhi by SqueakyElise
Deviants Featured: tortaleenie, BlissSlyOne, Rena-Muffin, & SqueakyElise

Sailor Moon:
Moon by Ellidena
SM peace by Sunflower-Von
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon by Giname
Deviants Featured: Ellidena, Sunflower-Von, Giname, & surlaluna


End Notes:
Now that you’ve seen it all, what do you think? Tell me what I [RTNightmare] could have done better or what you liked about what I picked. Give me some feedback - keep it constructive. All of these were picked and put together in this format by yours truly and I was given the great honor in presenting them to you. Thank you.

See you again on Sunday! :)


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Nice features! My only critique is that instead of using the Violent and Fantasy categorizations for video games and anime, I would have gone with gaming companies for video games (GAMEFREAK and Nintendo for Pokémon for example) and genres for the anime stuff like Shoujou (Sailor Moon), Shonen (Naruto) and Seinen (Haruhi Suzumiya).