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Hello! :wave:

I'd like to introduce you to a fantastic group and tell you all about it!


dALinkSystem is a Group dedicated to increasing artists exposure, by helping others and themselves through a simple and effective "Linking" system.

The idea:  

"Link another artists submission in your artist's comment box. It helps everyone's exposure and finds undiscovered art."

The Link System was originated by TheFulkrum and myself (Echostar08), in May of 2009. What began with a few "Linkers" has grown into a large "Linkers Community" of caring deviants, who utilize The Link System to help increase their exposure, while helping others.

Linking can be done in as little as 5 minutes. It's simple to do and takes only a little extra time when you're submitting a deviation. The little bit of extra time you spend to personally choose and feature someone else's art in your artist's  comment box (or in your deviation description), is very rewarding, because you've helped yourself and  someone else. A little give-and-take always feels good. On dA it has its rewards as well—exposure of deviants and undiscovered art.

Goals of dALinkSystem:

    1. increase self-exposure 2. increase a fellow Deviant's exposure 3. discover lost art on dA 4. find potential friends (the first 3 are important)

How to Link:

    :bulletorange:  When you submit a *new deviation to dA, add a Link or the thumb code of another deviant's work in your artist's comment box. :bulletorange:  Leave a comment and a Link to your own work on the other deviant's work telling them they've been Linked, so they can view, comment and favorite your lovely work in return.    *You can also edit and Link your older submissions.

There you go! Linking in a nutshell. Of course, there's more you can do, but that's all that's required to Link and have your work accepted into the group.

Also, it's important to note that both non-premium and premium members can Link:

    :bulletblack:  Non-premium members Link using the deviation URL or the short link found to the right of the deviation. :bulletblack:  Premium members Link the same way, but they can also use the deviation thumb codes if they choose to. :bulletblack:  You can also Link any medium of artwork, as you'll see in the examples I've given below.

Examples of Linking from some of our members:

Under a Dim Grey Sky by Miguel-Santos Linked to The Burj Rising by MARX77

Of Half-Filled WordsShe is not a flutterbird.
Her fingers are skittish,
her smile is not.
Do not fear that you will
drive it away.
Sadness is her fumbling limb.
It is unwanted, yet
When it is January
she will tell you,
"I am still struggling.
And I am becoming so many people
all at once.
A conglomeration of beauty that
I have managed to mangle.
Please, do not be sad for me."
Sometimes her sorrow is
meant for you. But mostly her.
Those specks and spots
of ocean storm lulls
reveal her truths:
ones she does not want
to extract from herself.
Her heart is not a rabbit.
When it beats
faster, faster, faster,
you need not
run harder to catch it.
Linked to lion skinned, rabbit hearted.i am awoken by a light tapping on my door and a kiss on my forehead. the stars still rest outside of my window; it is midnight and you are a hurricane. you have this stone wall around you; when we're entwined, i still feel canyons between us. when we're together, i feel we are apart. the cold air separates flesh and shows just how different we are.
you keep me 'til dawn, telling stories old and new. it is cold and my knees are to my chest, trying to fight off the chill. you pull the covers over my body, and somehow i feel even colder. the blankets are woolen, but not warm; the fibers scrape like daggers to my skin. i've never felt this fragile before. these bones are not mine - mine were stable. these never will be.
collisions of molecules and feelings and opinions send waves of uncertainty crashing to the shore. you tell me you love me, but you're sorry. i tell you i hate you, but i need you. i never was one to be drawn to the ocean, but the way the darkness sinks right to bottom leav
& :thumb265494074:

Rainy night on Ice Cold Ocean by marthig Linked to ALIEN NAVIGATION by Prelkia & Cold stone by innac

Ablaze by moyan Linked to 168 - 365 by noukka

I hope you'll take a few minutes to view our Linking Resources (:pointl: click me). There you can read a manual and watch several tutorials (like the ones below) that will show you exactly how to Link and how simple and quick Linking is.

The Link System User's Guide by TheFulkrum
The Link System User's Guide by TheFulkrum was featured by GaioumonBatou as a Daily Devation.
His comment: "The Link System User's Guide by TheFulkrum is a guide to a great initiative of promoting artists
when presenting your own artwork to be seen."

dALinkSystem How to Link Tut. by dALinkSystem
dAlinkSystem How to Link Tut. by TheFulkrum

P.S.  Want even more from the Linking experience? Then have a look at this blog for some great ideas: Sup Y'all scroll down to the section titled THE LINKING EXPERIENCE. And we have a lot of fun at DLS. We hold Linking challenges with great prizes throughout the year, culminating in our annual Linker's Grand Ball at the end of the year. The DLS team works very hard promoting our members work and providing the community with great news articles featuring members Linked works, as well as those they Link to. All of that and so much more!


dALinkSystem Stamp 2 by dALinkSystem
Kathy :heart:

The DLS team:

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Beautifully put Kathy :iconsomeredhearts: Thank you for including one of my works and links :iconfingerdanceplz: